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1. Maximize Value For Farm Land

Anyone can create a sale, but the real question is the lasting lifelong results to the owner. We monetize your land in a manner that ensures maximum value and benefit for the rest of you and your families lives.

Tried listing with real estate for over 2 years and could not even get an offer. With having legal, accounting, and farm expertise coupled with community respect, the decision was easy. The team was motivated, reliable and marketed the land in a professional way. The incredible part is ended up selling it for well over what realtors had it listed for.

~ Harry Schudlo
Executor – Sexsmith, AB

2. Turn-Key Experience

Hand off’s are never ideal, whether that be in life or business transactions. When it comes to selling farm or ranch land, is not just part of the equation. Not realtors or auctioneers, but rather a full service team of professionals dedicated to working with you from your very first call right down to handing you a cheque at closing. At there is no handoff. We walk the entire walk.

The CLHbid system is years ahead of anything else available today. Their experience and expertise made the process simple, with an incredible outcome for us.

~ Scott Misick
Executor Vermilion, AB

3. Extensive, World-Class Marketing

Finally, a specialized platform for selling agricultural land. All sales are seen worldwide, and are seen by all potential buyers - neighbours, friends, farmers, and investors.

The exposure through large on site signage, broadly distributed advertising and a very effective website, brought together a varied array of interested buyers that provided the most effective form of open price discovery possible.

~ Hon. Ted Menzies P.C.
Farmer - Claresholm, AB

4. Strategic Packaging and ‘En bloc’ Advantage

Farms are often listed for sale as one entire package and purchasers are told, “take it all or take nothing”. Our innovative ‘en bloc’ feature at the end of selected sales allows certain bidders to also bid on individual parcels and/or the entire farm.

When the time came to sell our ranch, consisting of 32 quarter sections in one block, we decided to go with We especially liked the fact that was specifically designed for the sale of agricultural land, and offered a unique selling feature in their en bloc system. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to sell their farm or ranch.

~ Dean Swanberg
Partner, Kleskun Hills Bison Ranch