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Price Discovery System

After considering different sales options, we chose the CLHbid online process, which ensured our most important consideration; that anyone interested have an equal, fair and transparent opportunity to purchase our land. The exposure through large on sight signage, broadly distributed advertising and a very effective website, brought together a varied array of interested buyers that provided the most effective form of open price discovery possible. We were pleased with the overall outcome and happy as well to hear from the new landowners who felt they paid a fair price. Sandy and I sincerely appreciated the professionalism portrayed by all the CLHbid staff members which made the sale of our farm after 46 years, a much easier experience for us.

Hon. Ted Menzies P.C.
Farmer - Claresholm, AB

Family Farm

We are grateful for all that CLHbid did in getting the Cross Heritage Farm sold. The CLHbid team took on a dreaded monumental task for our family and allowed our thirteen quarters of farmland to be sold at fair market value without the feared interference of family, friends and fellow farmers. I hope in the future this is the method landowners use to sell their land efficiently and effectively to ensure fairness to all parties.

The Cross Heritage Farm
Vermilion, AB

Courteous, Professional

As first time users of this sale method we were both hesitant and unsure, but as auctioneers ourselves we also realized that the most accurate and fair representation of market value is via public auction. The entire team at are both courteous and professional and CLHbid did not leave any marketing opportunity unused in pursuit of buyers. The platform was simple, easy to understand and user-friendly for both ends of the transaction. Overall we are very pleased with the outcome of our sale!

Mike & Tyler Kosick
Ranchers, Auctioneers & Aggregate Contractors - Kelowna, BC & Salmon Arm, BC

Land Values Increased

At a time when Fendt is coming out with electric farm tractors, we considered how we had bought and sold farmland for the past fifty years. We chose for our latest sale and are very happy with the results. Neighbors all had a fair chance to buy. Those that didn't buy said their land values were increased by our sale. In early February, we sold at -35 C with a buyer sitting outside in Arizona bidding from a laptop. We believe is the way of the future for selling farmland.

Don & June Pearson
Retired - Hythe, AB

Knowledgeable, Professional

Our dealings with the entire team at were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. We were so impressed with the smooth and painless process from beginning to end to sell our land. They put their expertise to work for us and it showed. The one-stop-shop experience took the stress out of decision making, gave us confidence we were in good hands, and ultimately resulted in a price for our sale that was well above the Starting Bid. "CLHbid has earned our highest recommendation."

Meagan & Byron Bidulka
Sellers - Cochrane, AB

Stress Free

We appreciate all you & your team have done for us. Extremely professional, friendly, helpful and stress free for us. Which means a lot at our age, and with also never having moved in 52 years, you have made it pleasant for us so far. Our kids have appreciated you as well, since they live a fair distance away and you guys made it so easy.

Susan & Marshall Hall
Retired Farmers - Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Right For Us

We sold some land during COVID so were never able to meet the CLH team in person. After many emails and phone calls we decided they were right for us. Once arriving at opening bid we knew, if reached we would be completely satisfied. The land sold for almost double the opening bid so that was excellent for us. Our children, living in three different provinces were able to follow the bidding so was great for them too. For anyone interested in selling farmland, CLHbid has a great selling platform and are knowledgeable and friendly to deal with. We would have no trouble recommending them.

Bernie & Audrey Eyben
Retired Farmers - Camrose, AB

Incredible Advertising in my opinion is the best thing out there! Their professionalism is outstanding, their advertising is absolutely incredible, this is the way to go folks, I received almost double what I thought I’d get for the quarter I sold!! Best thing everybody gets a chance to bid, no hard feelings from neighbours etc. I highly recommend!!

Teresa Kowalchuk
Seller - Fairview, AB

Expertise, Class

I cannot say enough about! What an amazing team of individuals. The amount of knowledge, passion and expertise they have is outstanding. CLH handled our auction with such class and at all times made me feel like I was their only client. The entire transaction from start to finish exceeded my expectations!

Amy Trombley
Estate Sale - Calgary, AB

Fair Price

Our Colony has used CLHbid more than once to buy land. We like the process 100%. We think CLHbid is the best system for selling land. It is fair to sellers and buyers. We don't like closed tenders to a law firm where you only get one chance and never really know what goes on. Using CLHbid, we can keep increasing our bid. It gives us time to think and calculate from the privacy of our Colony. In the end, the buyer knows they paid a fair price.

Thomas Tschetter
Hutterian Brethren Church of Jumbo Valley - Fort MacLeod, AB

Multiple Buyers

After the loss of our parents, my sister and I as joint Executrices of their will, had the task of selling our third generation farm. Our first attempt was to try to sell through newspaper tender but we received no offers. When we heard of we weren't sure if this would work for us either but we were wrong. They sold the farm in the midst of COVID-19 and the downturn in the economy to multiple buyers. All five of us were impressed with their efforts on our behalf and the professionalism they displayed and we would definitely recommend with an estate to sell.

Linda Holmes
Executrix - Strathcona County, AB

Focus Is Farm Land

As both a seller and buyer of agricultural land, I have made use of various platforms over the years. Most platforms, including those of the large auction companies, are very busy, as they try and sell everything from used lawnmowers to irrigated quarters. Whether selling or buying land, I much prefer the CLHbid platform. The website is easy to navigate and user friendly to bid on. At the end of the day, I am confident that by just focusing on farmland, brings a much higher value to sellers. I have used to sell land in the past and would for sure use them again.

Gina Hommy
Farmland Investor - Grande Prairie, AB


Few things can be more valued in business than ingenuity and honest dealings. Notwithstanding reports that the CEO is or once was a lawyer, I have found Roy Carter and the entire team in full and ready possession of ingenuity, honesty and common sense to boot. Dealing with them has been pleasurable and profitable and I’d encourage any seller to consider their services without reservation.

Aaron Sorensen
Seller - Calgary, AB

Best Option As An Executor

The CLHbid system removes risks and complications that arise when selling the farm. As an executor, I explored selling options for our sale. CLHbid is years ahead of anything else available today. Their experience and expertise made the process simple, with an incredible outcome for us.

Scott Misick
Executor - Vermilion, AB


When the time came to sell our ranch, consisting of 32 quarter sections in one block, we wanted to ensure we received fair value for this rare assemblage and so decided to go with We especially liked the fact that was specifically designed for the sale of agricultural land, and offered a unique selling feature in their en bloc system. We feel the en bloc feature increased the value of our land considerably. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to sell their farm or ranch.

Dean Swanberg
Partner - Kleskun Hills Bison Ranch

’En Bloc’

We elected to go with to sell our 100 year old Saskatchewan/Alberta ranch, made up of 45.5 quarter sections. As the land was held in a corporation, CLHbid worked closely with our accountant to utilize tax strategies to maximize the net after tax returns to all shareholders. Their ability to package parcels, engage the maximum amount of bidders by offering the ‘en bloc’ option and market into the financial sector was a game-changer. In the end the entire Hjalte Ranch was sold in a matter of hours to 7 different buyers.

Darryl Morris
Rancher - Kerrobert, SK


We tried to sell some of our farm land retaining a local law firm to place a tender in the local paper for us. We would never go this route again. With the tender process, there is little transparency for either the Seller or Buyer and the experience was fraught with problems including poor marketing. In the end the highest tender was well short of what we eventually sold the land for using We believe the model solves all of the problems inherent with tendering, especially in a small community. When the time comes, we will be using to sell our remaining land as well.

Brian & Karin Wilson
Farmers - Fairview, AB

Way of the Future

I think is the way of the future. Now people need to realize this is another option to sell their land other than listing it or an auction. If I was to sell land, I would go this way and I think most people would consider it if they know about it. It is a fair system and no backroom dealings. I think my land values have increased with the concept.

Tim Garner
Professional Agrologist - Farmer, AB

Top Dollar

After over 50 years on our Ranch we decided to sell. After looking at various options we elected to go with totally removed the stress that comes with business dealings between neighbours and friends. All bidders had an equal chance to bid in privacy online. We are convinced got us the highest sale price we could ever have expected for our Ranch. We were not required to pay for an expensive guarantee either. Given their legal background the team was most helpful in all aspects of the selling process. On sale day, the Ranch sold in just 3 hours to 3 neighbours. We were never informed as to who was bidding or who was second highest bidder and liked it that way. In the end, the Ranch sold on our timeline, for top dollar and we remained friends with all our neighbours.

Tom & Carole Rycroft
Ranchers - Devon, AB

Professional, Understanding

Best decision we could have made. Our experience with was phenomenal. We would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to sell farm land. Their team is efficient, accommodating, professional and understanding in a time of transition.

Richard & Eileen Bianchi
Ranchers - Milk River, AB

Equal Chance for Buyers

A neighbor’s ranch that had been in their family for generations was listed for sale by real estate as one listing of over 40 quarter sections. None of us neighbors wanted or could afford it all and the real estate listing finally expired with no offers. The owners then put the land up for sale with This suited us neighbors perfectly and in the end seven of us bought the land we each wanted. I was able to bid on and buy my land from my house. CLHbid gave us all notice of the sale and allowed all neighbors an equal chance.

James Baier
Rancher - Compeer, AB

Walk the Walk

We went with to sell our land in Central Alberta. In the end sold it for almost double the guarantee we were offered by another large auction company. The team at didn’t just talk the talk but walked the walk for us.

Karl & Patti Kocon
Farmers - Spruce Grove, AB

Legal, Accounting, Farm Expertise

Tried listing with real estate for over 2 years and could not even get an offer. With having legal, accounting, and farm expertise coupled with community respect, the decision was easy. The team was motivated, reliable and marketed the land in a professional way. The incredible part is ended up selling it for well over what realtors had it listed for.

Harry Schudlo
Executor - Sexsmith, AB

The Way To Go

Thanks for the work your firm did in preparing for the auction. I don’t think it could have gone smoother from our perspective. Appreciated your firm standing between seller and buyer. We knew it was the way to go as soon as we read your info brochure.

Gary & Annette Quiring
Farmers - Sherwood Park, AB

Above What We Anticipated

It was a pleasure to work with the entire team for selling our land. The best part was that you did all the work and looked after all the details, which left us with nothing to worry about. The whole marketing process was impressive right up to the sale date. We can never thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to sell our farm on a given date and with no hassle for well above what we had anticipated.

Phil & Lorraine Hotton
Farmers - County of Grande Prairie, AB

Top Value

We were looking to consolidate, so retained to sell land away from our main ranch. We had a standing offer and were told by many we should accept it. Not knowing the real value however, we trusted the platform to get us top value. In the end the land sold for well in excess of that standing offer and over 2x the Starting Bid. We are confident brings true value for your land. We also didn’t have to pick between neighbours as to who got it in the end. We would certainly use to sell land in the future.

Laurie & Lianne Read
Ranchers - Silver Valley, AB

You made the sale of my farm land so easy & hassle free, I cannot thank you enough. You did an exceptional job of advertising and just getting it out there. The final sale price was beyond my wildest dreams. I will recommend you to everyone I know that wants to sell their farm & if you need me to talk to anyone that is doubtful just let me know.

Naomi MacLeod
Retired - Fairview, AB

Land Showcased

We monitored the sale of our relative’s land in Western Canada from our home in Boston, Mass. The platform for selling farm land was impressive, to say the least. To see land that we had enjoyed as kids while visiting from the USA showcased in such a tremendous way was touching. If I were to ever have a farm to market, would be the people I'd in trust to sell it!

Alice Rouse
Boston, MA

Not a Net Cost

We originally set out trying to sell our farmland ourselves using Facebook and Kijiji with no success. In the end using was not a net cost to us, but rather by engaging a specialized team and system, netted us more than we could have ever anticipated.

David & Linda Fersch

Land in Corporation

Our family farm was held in a corporation. Our long-time family accountant worked closely with all the professionals at to maximize net sale returns to all us shareholders. In the end our land sale was an enormous success netting us additional funds multiples of any fees.

J. Reinhart Family

Unique ‘En Bloc’ Option

On sale day, our ranch sold ‘en bloc’ to out-of area buyers for a price well above our already high sale expectations. The entire CLHbid team is caring, conscientious and professional. We could not be happier.

Ardyth & Corey Perry

Professional, Transparent

Thank you to Roy and your team. You made the process of selling land my sister and I inherited stress-free. The CLH team was professional and took on a difficult task of selling this land. The process offered the land to a wide range of potential purchasers in an equitable transparent manner. Thank you for all your hard work. I am beyond grateful, and amazed at the outcome.

Dianne Vinet
Executor - Killam, AB