Yield Big at Dapp - Westlock, AB

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Yield Big at Dapp - Westlock, AB Parcel

Yield Big at Dapp - Westlock, AB Sold - AB

Sold on July 14, 2021

A prime Western Canadian quarter section just one and a half miles from the Dapp corner and just fourteen miles north of the town of Westlock, Alberta.  151 acres in an area known for quality agricultural land and situated close to markets.  

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Map of Yield Big at Dapp - Westlock, AB


Located just fourteen miles north of Westlock, Alberta, you will find the quaint Dapp Corner Store; a well-known hub in the North Edmonton region.  Proceed east on the pavement just one and a half miles from Dapp corner, and you will find ‘Yield Big at Dapp’.  This is a 151-acre prime Western Canadian quarter section.   

‘Yield Big at Dapp’ is situated in the heart of Westlock County.  The County is known for some of Alberta's most productive agricultural land, including grains, cereals, hay, and livestock.  ‘Yield Big at Dapp’ boasts 130 acres of highly productive cultivated land east of the Pembina River.  At first glance, you can see the outstanding opportunity.  With tremendous fertile black soil in an area traditionally receiving 20 inches of annual rain, big crops are almost always a sure thing.  You may want to double-check the calculator, but yes, a single crop of canola at today's prices off ‘Yield Big at Dapp’ could red line at $125,000.00, or a whopping 1/3 of the Starting Bid! 

Farm kids born in Westlock County could be considered entitled - in a good way.  There is not a better place for a young family to raise their kids and start a viable farming operation.  The close proximity to markets, whether for grain or livestock producers, adds to the bottom line.  This former home base quarter is near grain elevators, large farm dealerships, two of Alberta's largest livestock markets and the bustling town of Westlock.  Opportunity knocks with all of the boxes for this parcel checked off.  From farming to ranching or just looking for a solid investment, these 151 acres are sure to produce 24/7 – just as it has for decades.

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Bidding ended on July 14, 2021

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