When the Stars Align - Two Hills, AB

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When the Stars Align - Two Hills, AB Parcel

When the Stars Align - Two Hills, AB Sold - AB

Sold on April 27, 2020

One quarter within 18 miles of the town of Vegreville, Alberta.   Prime land with number two soil in an area with typically abundant rainfall.  With a low Starting Bid on these 139 acres, you want to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Map of When the Stars Align - Two Hills, AB


Were you one of the many that thought all bets were off forever to see a quarter of prime number two soil within 18 miles of the town of Vegreville be offered up for sale for under three hundred and fifty thousand dollars? ‘When the Stars Align’ is a quarter made up of 139 acres, just 4 miles South East of Two Hills and only 2 miles east of pavement highway 36.  Number two soil in an area with typically abundant rainfall is as good as it gets for dryland farming in Alberta.  In total, 130 acres are currently cropped.  Upon payment of the deposit, the high bidder shall be entitled to access the land and crop it for 2020 prior to Closing.

On a per cultivated acre basis, the Starting bid for this quarter is a mere 35% of the value of land sold by CLHbid.com in 2019, just 40 miles to the east.  That was at a time when interest rates were much higher. Taking into account today's radically low-interest rates, your payments on this quarter will be little more than they would have been had you bought this quarter before the recent run on land prices.  As the saying goes, the three most important considerations when purchasing prime land are: 1) the payment amount, 2) the payment amount and 3) the payment amount. A common saying amongst farmers is “you can never pay too little for poor land and too much for good land”.  A more applicable saying for this quarter after April 27th could well be “during times of crisis when opportunity knocks, answer the door, or more correctly, click the mouse”. 

Regarding land, they don’t make it anymore and food has become the new focus again.  Anyone with 2020 vision will want to pencil out the math on this quarter.  New crop varieties are known to provide optimum performance when used in conjunction with significant inputs on the most fertile of land.  ‘When the Stars Align’ is that prime land that will answer the bell and put black ink on the balance sheet for decades to come.

‘When the Stars Align’ is being offered for sale by CLHbid.com by way of online electronic tender.  Check the website for updates from time to time.

Bidding ended on April 27, 2020

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