Warburg Doubletree - Warburg, AB

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Warburg Doubletree - Warburg, AB Parcel

Warburg Doubletree - Warburg, AB Sold - AB

Sold on August 19, 2020

Check out these two quarters just 2 miles south of Warburg, Alberta.  Highly fertile land in a great location; each quarter with its own special features!  This an opportunity you don’t want to miss.  Go to Parcel Details for Starting Bids.

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Map of Warburg Doubletree - Warburg, AB


Two miles south of the village of Warburg, Alberta and only one-half mile east of paved highway 770, you find these two highly fertile quarters of Western Canadian farmland.  Although not that picture-perfect matching pair of workhorses, each quarter has its unique markings and will keep the tugs tight 24/7 for any buyer—authentic, honest quarters in an area well known for great land and just as great weather.  With the east-west fence being the doubletree, a buyer has the choice of leaving them hooked for life or buying them separately. 

The North-East quarter is the showcase.   Currently, a big hay producer because that is what its owner has asked of it.  As a hay producer it inevitably steps up and, on a tonnes per acre basis, could go head to head with any of the best lands in Alberta.  In total, these 157 acres of prime land could be converted to cultivated acres overnight.  After years in hay, one can only imagine what this quarter could produce when it comes to grains, oilseeds or pulse crops.  Well-drained with a narrow windbreak along the west perimeter.  This quarter is up for sale with a Starting Bid price that is a fraction of what similar quarters nearby sell for.  It does get better as the quarter comes with passive income by way of Surface Lease Revenue to help make the payments. 

The Seller is to remain the owner of the bales.  For details on the deadlines for the removal of the bales and the potential holdback monies if the deadines are not met, please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details.

The South-East quarter with 160 acres is not as showy, but depending on your purpose, comes with the same horsepower.  A good portion of the quarter could be brought under cultivation if a buyer so desired.  The quarter is currently in pasture and comes with three wood ash piles that the owner has yet to spread on the land.  If, however, you're looking for that perfect quarter to build on only thirty minutes west of Devon or Leduc, you will want to grab the family and walk this quarter.  The meandering creek that forms a switchback on the west side gives this quarter unbelievable character.  The land has ample water for livestock with the creek and dugout. Whether you’re a farmer, mixed farmer or rancher, adding this quarter to your barn is sure to pay huge financial gains for generations to come.  Both quarters have a Starting Bid priced to start hard.   Don’t miss out on this opportunity. 

If a Bidder is high bidder on both Parcels, the Seller waives the right to refuse to close on any one of the Parcels. 

Please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.  

‘Warburg Doubletree’ will be offered for sale by online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check the website for updates from time to time.

SLR Details:  Parcel 1

Bidding ended on August 19, 2020

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