Wanham 320 Upgrader - Wanham, AB

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Wanham 320 Upgrader - Wanham, AB Parcel

Wanham 320 Upgrader - Wanham, AB Sold - AB

Sold on August 27, 2021

Located just 1.5 miles north of Wanham, Alberta, this well rested half section of land offers an excellent opportunity for prospective buyers.  With low Starting Bids and an historical lack of chemical and fertilizer usage, this is a must see.  

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Map of Wanham 320 Upgrader - Wanham, AB


Head just one and a half miles north from Wanham, Alberta, and you will find a half section of prime agriculture land bordering Range Road 33 to the west.  This is a parcel of land where seeing is believing.  Instead of driving by to check it out, park the pickup and take a walk around this half section.   As we know, things are often not as they first appear and a drive-by will not do this land justice.  Past owners have been ranchers and this half is in pasture in large part due to that fact.  This is truly a case of the grass looking greener on the other side of the fence.  One only has to look at the half-sections bordering to the south and west sides to see what ‘Wanham 320 Upgrader’ could look like with minimal work.  Farmers in this area enjoy being spoiled as most quarters in Birch Hills County are wide open from corner to corner.  One only has to drive through other Prairie regions in July to see half-sections similar to ‘Wanham 320 Upgrader’ in majestic yellow bloom. 

One of the best parts about ‘Wanham 320 Upgrader’ is that the Starting Bids for both quarters are set at $1,500 per acre - well below even average pasture land.  You won’t even need to plug in the calculator to realize that the cash value of just two crops of Canola at today’s prices could exceed the Starting Bid amounts.  With the grain belt in Western Canada arguably moving northwards with climate change, ‘Wanham 320 Upgrader’ could become part of the trend of farmers taking lower priced pasture land and converting it into highly fertile cropland.  After all, this is land that is well rested and high in organic matter.  With its historical lack of chemical and fertilizer usage, organic opportunities remain for ‘Wanham 320 Upgrader.’  Parcel 1 is the east quarter with a quaint cabin and Parcel 2 is the west quarter.   Both Parcels will be sold using a Universal close, meaning a bid on either Parcel near the end of the sale refreshes the time for bidding on both Parcels.  

Please review the updated Purchase Agreements in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

‘Wanham 320 Upgrader’ will be sold by way of online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check the website for updates from time to time.

Bidding ended on August 27, 2021

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