Volin Road 630 - Rycroft, AB

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Volin Road 630 - Rycroft, AB Parcel

Volin Road 630 - Rycroft, AB Sold - AB

Sold on March 15, 2022

4 quarters of prime agricultural farmland for sale near Rycroft, Alberta.  With 630+ acres available, seize the opportunity to grow your land base in the Peace River highlands.  

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Map of Volin Road 630 - Rycroft, AB


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A mere 8 miles as the crow flies north of Rycroft, Alberta, and 11 miles northeast of Spirit River, you will find ‘Volin Road 630.’  These four quarters make up 630+ acres of prime agricultural farmland on the upper Peace River highland.  The land is situated just 3 miles above the famous Fort Dunvegan, from where Alexander MacKenzie set out on his journey to find the Pacific Ocean in 1793.  Parcels 2, 3 and 4 are all contiguous and are just one and one-quarter miles east of Major Highway 2 on Volin Road.  Parcel 1 sits half a mile to the north of the other parcels and is a mere 350 meters east of Highway 2. 


The northern part of the MD of Spirit River is in transition, with the potential for several other quarters to come up for lease or sale over the next few years.  This is the perfect area to position yourself to assemble a large land base over the next decade.  ‘Volin Road 630’ has three competing grain terminals plus a proposed world-class Anhydrous Ammonia manufacturing plant, all less than 15 miles away.  Take advantage of low transportation costs in a competitive buying market with guaranteed supplies of fertilizer - it doesn't get any better.


‘Volin Road 630’ is an estate sale with Starting Bids on a per cultivated acre basis set well below the selling price of land sold in the near vicinity in Q4 of 2021 by CLHbid.com.  Yes, ‘Volin Road 630’ is priced to sell.  Talk to your banker and use your existing farm equity to finance ‘Volin Road 630.’  Given current commodity prices and record low-interest rates, you may find that you can pay down your debt just as quickly as the land is sure to appreciate year over year. 


PARCEL 1 is a full quarter of cultivated land that is open from corner to corner.  This dream quarter boasts well-drained and highly fertile soil and is known to produce big crops.  Given the soil make-up, the land is known to produce even on years with below-average rainfall.  One only must look at quarters comparable to Parcel 1 selling in central Alberta for three or four times the Starting Bid to realize that being ahead of the curve is more fun than being behind it.  Now is the time to buy in this area. 


PARCELS 2, 3 & 4 are all contiguous and part of Section 19.  For the most part, these three quarters are mostly open from corner to corner, offering the opportunity to bring more acres under cultivation in short order.  PARCEL 4 has a subdivision out and offers 150 acres of raw land.  After making the turn with the seed drill against Volin Road along the northern perimeter of Parcel 2, flip on the GPS heading south for the full mile and do the math on your iPhone: at twenty-dollar canola, just two years of gross sales could well exceed the Starting Bid for these Parcels.  These 3 contiguous quarters of land in the same section have economies of scale written all over it.  You definitely do not want to drive your grandkids down Volin Road in 20 years and have to explain that you could have bought this land back in the day for a song. 


‘Volin Road 630’ is being sold by electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check back for updates from time to time.  

Bidding ended on March 15, 2022

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