Upper Athabasca

Sold on April 26, 2021
from 2:00 PM to 2:00 PM UTC

Athabasca, AB
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Check out this 143 acres located on paved Highway 813, just 7 miles north of the Town of Athabasca, Alberta. Situated on the highly fertile upper plateau of the Athabasca River. Starting Bid: $200,000.

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near Athabasca, AB

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Located just 7 miles north of the Town of Athabasca, Alberta on the west side of paved Highway 813 is ‘Upper Athabasca on 813’.  The quarter comes with 143 acres of highly fertile land with approximately 125 acres under cultivation.  Situated high on the Upper Plateau of the famed switchback in the Athabasca River, where the majestic river heads south and then seemingly finds its course when passing the Town and turning north to the Arctic.    

Prime farmland on pavement offers unlimited options.  Well-drained land with abundant topsoil high in organic matter makes for land known to produce big crops.  The area is well known for consistent rainfall given its geographic location, high up on the plateau in the centre of the horseshoe carved out over thousands of years by the river.  We know horseshoes are known for good fortune.  We also know that buying farmland near larger urban centres such as the Town of Athabasca tends to ensure significant appreciation over time.

The quarter comes with two 'steel' savings accounts ready to store future crops.  One a 2200 bushel Westeel hopper bin on tubular skids and the other a Meridian 4000 bushel hopper bin on tubular skids.  The Purchase Price will be reduced by $14,000.00 at Closing if the bins are not delivered on or before the Closing date.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, you best be sitting down when you check out the low Starting Bid for this quarter section.  Be sure not to miss the action when bidding opens on sale day.  The Starting Bid is a mere fraction of what quarters sell for just 35 miles to the south west in Westlock County.

Please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

‘Upper Athabasca on 813’ will be offered for sale by way of online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check the website for updates from time to time.

Upper Athabasca is being offered for sale via online escalating tender by CLHbid.com. Check the website for updates from time to time. The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders. Please contact us by email at info@clhbid.com for an appointment. As a law firm, CLHbid never discloses bidder's names to any party, including the Seller. Only the successful buyer's name is ever disclosed to the Seller as part of the closing process.

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