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Triple Progress For Sale - SK

Selling on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

3 contiguous quarters selling as 1 Parcel located just 5 miles north of Kerrobert, SK, on Highway 21.  This quality assemblage offers one full mile of highway frontage.  With 420 prime, arable acres, these three quarters would be a fantastic addition to grow an existing land base or start fresh.  Starting Bid: $600,000.

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‘Triple Progress’ is that winning trifecta of farmland located in the west central portion of Saskatchewan's breadbasket.  These three contiguous quarters are situated in the RM of Progress and are meant to be farmed together; as such they will be sold as one package.  ‘Triple Progress’ boasts four hundred and twenty acres of prime, arable farmland to add to your existing land base.  Do the math on a fifty-bushel canola crop at today's street price and realize that the gross returns from just two crops could easily exceed the low starting bid.  The current owner no longer farms; therefore, the low starting bid does not reflect the production potential of the land, but merely indicates the family's desire to monetize ‘Triple Progress.’  Call your agronomist to check out the soil rating and fertility of this quality assemblage, and your next call will undoubtably be to your banker.  

Progress in today's agricultural world means growth.  Standing still, while the agriculture sector forges ahead, will leave one with that uneasy feeling of moving backwards.  Economies of scale mean adding large blocks of land, such as ‘Triple Progress,’ which then reduces fixed costs per cultivated acre while increasing profits.   

‘Triple Progress’ is worth the trip.  Located just 5 miles north of Kerrobert, Saskatchewan, on major Highway 21, this class assemblage is worthy of a thirty-minute equipment move in the Spring and the Fall.  Farm the north half section as a one-mile run and check the market reports during the 10-minute GPS-assisted ride.  ‘Triple Progress’ is well drained into selected areas, which means that losses from crops susceptible to damage will be kept to a minimum during wet years.  

If you're looking to progress your family farm, don't run the risk of driving by ‘Triple Progress’ and end up straining to look away to the east all while wishing you had bid back in 2022.  With its high-visibility mile of highway frontage, you will be thankful you seized the opportunity to own this incredible assemblage of farmland for decades to come.

'Triple Progress' is being offered for sale via online electronic tender by  Please check the website for updates from time to time.

Viewing of Property: The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders.  Please contact us by email at for an appointment.

Bidding starts on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

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