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Tomslake Varied For Sale - BC

Selling on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

Nearly one thousand acres of diverse land for sale near Tomslake, BC.  With ten titles selling in five parcels on both sides of Highway 2, this land is suited for farming, a rural home estate or recreational use - and huge SLR on most of the Parcels is an added bonus.  See Parcel Details for Starting Bids.

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The Tomslake region of British Columbia is made of excellent stock.  Back in 1939, Sudeten Germans escaping Nazi Germany settled along Tate Creek.  The term Made in Germany is synonymous with reliability and resilience, and to this day, the farmland, and farmers, in the area are no exception.  Located a mere twelve miles southeast of Dawson Creek, BC, the region is well known for its fertile soil and consistent rainfall.   

PARCEL 1 of the five parcels that make up ‘Tomslake Varied’ is located on the west side of Highway 2, just a short distance west of the hamlet of Tomslake itself.  Parcel 1 is a quarter and a half and has two titles.  The west quarter is made up of 159 acres with game-changing Surface Lease Revenue, and the easterly title is comprised of 80 acres in total.  At the low Starting Bid, the Surface Lease Revenue on Parcel 1 offers a rate of return better than any bank term rate.  Take into consideration that the average appreciation of farmland in BC in 2021 was over 18%, add to that the potential return from the cropland plus the Surface Lease Revenue, and when the calculator stops, you will not need to call your Harvard Business grad cousin to realize that this is an investment of a lifetime. 

PARCEL 2 is comprised of 153 acres and has access off Gundy Road on the north side of the quarter.  Just a short drive to Dawson Creek, this Parcel offers the perfect option for a home quarter.  Parcel 2 has unbelievable Surface Lease Revenue, treed natural areas and open arable acres.  At the low Starting Bid, earn a 6% return on your investment on top of the quarter’s appreciation year after year, all while building your dream home in the quaint setting east of the abandoned rail Right of Way.  A portion of the Parcel is situated north of Gundy Road itself.   

PARCEL 3 is accessed off the 197 Road on the south and is made up of 152 acres.  Approximately 123 acres of the Parcel are arable and boast highly fertile land.  This is farmland extraordinaire.  Near major Highway 2, this quarter offers a perfect setting for that home quarter at the end of the dead-end road.   

PARCEL 4 has over 230 acres and three titles in total.  An investor may want to investigate keeping the two, west, income-generating titles with annual revenue of close to $10,000.00 per year while selling off the remote and secluded east quarter that has Tate Creek meandering through it.  This east quarter is a must-walk for any recreational minded buyer.  Just check out the mature spruce on both sides of the creek and the idyllic spots for building a cabin.  The west titles offer up prime farmland with that sought after southern exposure.

PARCEL 5 is truly the poster child for ‘Tomslake Varied.’  The quarter has three titles in total. The Parcel has Surface Lease Revenue, prime farmland, and secluded recreational land to round it out.  The creek on the most easterly title offers mature spruce trees along the banks and is a must see.  The title on the east side has abundant wildlife and comes without any public road access, checking all the boxes for that dream recreational quarter.  Entering off the Swan Lake Road to the south, you will find quality farmland that speaks for itself.  A recent appraisal assessed the three legals making up Parcel 5 at multiples of the Starting Bid.  Just click and see where this goes on sale day.  They quite simply don't make land like this anymore.

‘Tomslake Varied’ will be sold by electronic tender by  Check the website for updates from time to time.


Bidding starts on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

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