The Ranch on Braden Road - Dawson Creek, BC

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The Ranch on Braden Road - Dawson Creek, BC Parcel

The Ranch on Braden Road - Dawson Creek, BC Sold - BC

Sold on June 2, 2021

Stunning working ranch located off Highway 97 between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, BC.  1100 contiguous acres of fertile land, huge SLR and Industrial Pad Rental. The ranch will be selling in 2 parcels.  

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Map of The Ranch on Braden Road - Dawson Creek, BC


Located just twenty miles North West of Dawson Creek, British Columbia and twenty miles South East of Fort St John, the ‘Ranch on Braden Road’ comprises of one thousand and ninety-five highly fertile contiguous acres.  Located on the north side of the upper bank of the Kiskatinaw River, the ranch is south sloping, meaning the snow disappears and the grass gets greener several days earlier each spring.  Ranchers know the fewer days with cattle on feed, the better the profit margin in the end.

If you’re looking for that elusive dream ranch that offers ultimate privacy, yet ease of access for in and out, ‘The Ranch on Braden Road’ is for you.  Major Highway 97 makes up the eastern boundary, while the all-weather Braden Road makes up the northern boundary.  In total, 4.5 kilometres of paved road on two sides of the ranch.  The seclusion comes from the Kiskatinaw River (meaning ‘river with deep banks’) to the south, coupled with the deep creek tributary that runs southeasterly along the south side of Parcel 2.   A private ranch of almost 1,100 acres with less than one-half mile of potential common fence is almost unheard of. 

‘The Ranch on Braden Road’ is a ranch in transition, awaiting that new life that always comes with new owners.  Additional acres can be converted to arable acres depending on requirements for either hay or pasture land.  Situated on the mountain’s leeward side, the ranch has a history of receiving plenty of annual rainfall, resulting in belly-deep grass and multiple round bales per acre.  Bring in several liners of yearlings in the spring and book several extra liners in the fall to haul out all the excess weight.  This ranch has a history of producing 24/7.  With an abundant supply of dugouts and two springs located all on well drained land, you are ensured a clean water supply for livestock.  Clean water means enhanced rates of gain. An ‘on ranch’ shale pit is provided by mother nature for use on the ranch itself.

The bones of the ranch are formed; however, ample opportunity remains for any new owner to complete the fill in.  Make this your signature ranch.  

Parcel 1:  Commit to this ranch, and it will commit to helping pay for itself by providing you with substantial reoccurring lease revenue.  The ranch owns the temporary industrial staging 10-acre lease site just 800 meters off Highway 97, complete with a security fence and three-phase power.  Options remain for the site after the expiration of its industrial usage.  An all-weather yard well-drained with a deep aggregate and shale base.  This lease site has a history of being leased to oilfield midstream as well as pipeline construction companies.  Rental revenue rates are more than significant when compared to Starting Bids for the Parcel itself.  A new lease of the pad is slated to commence in the summer of 2021.  The 2.4 kilometers of frontage along Highway 97 provides untapped potential for selling highway signage as well.  It does get better.   The current owner has negotiated the Surface Lease Revenue concerning a Right of Way and multi-stage Ovintiv well pad.  Initial compensation remains with the owner; however, the purchaser will be entitled to all ongoing annual compensation.  The pasture area of Parcel 1 has recently been regenerated and reseeded down to an alfalfa and hay mix three years ago.   All of Parcel 1 could be converted to pasture from hay with little work given the perimeter fencing in place.  Check the website for details for revenue on the industrial site and multi-pad well site as well as terms of approval for the temporary industrial lease site.  **Update May 20, 2021:  See the updated SLR details below.

For hunters, Parcel 1 offers unlimited opportunity for hunting whitetail and mule deer as well as bear, moose and elk.  With crown land surrounding the ranch, there is a constant replenishment of wildlife.  

Parcel 2: The views from Parcel 2 south-west towards the Majestic Rocky Mountains, a mere seventy miles away, will continue to daily astound any new owner.  The Parcel comes complete with two natural springs.  The older building site perched atop the northwest corner of Parcel 2 offers both well water and power access.  Walking down from the building site to the undulating pastures descending below, one gets the feeling of being on a world-class foothills Ranch near Bragg Creek, Alberta or Bozeman, Montana.  ‘The Ranch on Braden Road’ comes at a fraction of the cost of ranches such as these with better-known addresses.  

Finding a ranch this size all in one block is difficult; finding a ranch of this stature with Starting Bids this low may well be impossible.   With a Starting Bid of under $1,300.00 per acre, you will want to plug in the calculator after adding up all the lease revenue to determine if any cattle sales are even required to make the mortgage payments.

Please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

‘The Ranch on Braden Road’ is being offered for sale by way of online electronic tender by   Check the website for updates from time to time. 

                                          SLR Details:  Parcel 1


Bidding ended on June 2, 2021

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