The Divide on 665 - Valleyview, AB

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The Divide on 665 - Valleyview, AB Parcel

The Divide on 665 - Valleyview, AB Sold - AB

Sold on August 11, 2021

2 quarters selling just 14 miles southeast of Valleyview, Alberta.  Fertile arable acres with options to bring more into cultivation. Added bonus of merchantable timber for increased value.  A perfect spot for a cabin to enjoy the surrounding nature.  These quarters, selling in 2 parcels, have something for everyone with Starting Bids you won’t believe. 

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Map of The Divide on 665 - Valleyview, AB


You will find ‘The Divide on 665’ fourteen miles southeast of the Valleyview, Alberta airport, and the exact fourteen miles east down Highway 665 off divided Highway 43.  Two quarters are adjoining each other on the north-south axis divided in the centre by Highway 665.  These quarters also share a divide, with the creek running northerly down almost mid-point of each quarter. 

Parcel 1 is the home quarter with power and a well located on the serene yard site tucked into the northern natural woodlot.  Access to the yard is over a creek that runs all summer, offering water for livestock.  The soothing sound of the stream can be heard as one strolls the property on a summer day.  An older two-bedroom home heated with a hybrid of oil and wood is located on the property.  The choice is endless for the yard, including a new residence or a potential spot for a rustic cabin.  Parcel 1 has approximately 100 arable acres; however, more acres could be brought under cultivation on the west side.  The parcel has perimeter fencing.  Sale of merchantable timber is a possibility.  Gas is accessible at the northeast corner of the Parcel.


Parcel 2 could see be the scene of a bidding duel between naturalists wishing to keep the pristine quarter to enjoy as is, and farmers realizing the value of both the merchantable timber and fertile soil once the quarter is fully broke.  The west perimeter of the quarter is fenced.  One only has to look across the east or west property line to see what the land is likely to look at in short order if bought by an area grain farmer.  The quarter currently has approximately 60 arable acres.  

Check out the prices lumber mills are paying for aspen and spruce from private woodlots to avoid crown stumpage fees against the backdrop of canola priced in the high teens, and the Starting Bids for these two quarters look like a mistake.  Make no mistake about it; the ‘The Divide on 665’ is priced for frenzied bidding.  Don’t miss the action on sale day. 

Please review the updated Purchase Agreements in the Parcel Detail sections to see the specifics of the offers.

‘The Divide on 665’ will be offered for sale by online electronic tender by  Check the website for updates from time to time.

Bidding ended on August 11, 2021

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