Taber - Golden Sunrise - Taber, AB

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Taber - Golden Sunrise - Taber, AB Parcel

Taber - Golden Sunrise - Taber, AB Sold - AB

Sold on March 31, 2020

Plenty of options with this quarter located 18 miles east of Taber, Alberta.  Ideal pasture land that could easily be converted to grain, oilseed or pulse production.  Never privately owned and always in pasture – great for raising organic foods.

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Map of Taber - Golden Sunrise - Taber, AB


This quarter section of land is situated 18 miles due east of the town of Taber, Alberta; located just to the south of Southern Alberta’s premier east-west agricultural corridor, Highway 3. 

The morning sun catches this quarter mere seconds before arriving in Taber each morning.  'Taber-Golden Sunrise' is genuinely the ‘real meal deal’.  If you’re that old school, meat, bread and potatoes Albertan, this parcel has all the bases covered.  For the area rancher, this quarter offers up that ideal pasture land to produce high-grade beef all close to feedlots and the US market in close proximity to the south.  For dryland farmers looking to put food on the table, this quarter can be converted to grain, oilseeds or pulse production in short order.  As the saying goes "just add water".  You may wish to grab the fly rod on a day off and head south 1 mile out onto the Sherburne Reservoir also known as Grassy Lake to add a Walleye to the table.  

Although no water rights currently go with this quarter, it is deemed irrigable and who knows what the future might hold. Potatoes on the table may be a realistic option on the menu in years to come.   In some instances, water rights are now traded privately, which offers up other possibilities.   Preliminary talks are currently going on in respect of a spillway expansion of the Grassy Lake Reservoir. 

If you're into raising organic foods, this quarter again checks the box.  Never privately owned and always in pasture, the land offers up unlimited options for added value production to today’s discerning consumers.  This quarter will answer the bell for any new owner and produce big yields off the hop.  The Province of Alberta sees the unlimited potential in this quarter and has selected it for sale to the public.  The land has never traded hands for over a century and may not trade again for decades – don’t miss this opportunity. 

The quarter will be offered for sale by by way of online electronic tender.   Check the website for updates from time to time.

Bidding ended on March 31, 2020

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