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Super Six With Options For Sale - SK

Selling on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

Six quarter sections of land selling in 3 Parcels near Mankota, Saskatchewan.  With cultivated acres on Parcel 3, as well as hay, pasture, perimeter fences, and dugouts, more of this land could easily be converted to arable acres.  This is a sale you will not want to miss.  See Parcel Details for Starting Bids.

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Often referred to as The Breadbasket of Canada, the Province of Saskatchewan continues to lead the world in the agricultural space.  Saskatchewan is comprised of a staggering 36 million arable acres and is the second-largest beef cattle-producing province in Canada, making this province the economic hub for farmers and ranchers alike.  With generations of forward-thinking farmers who are constantly improving agronomic processes by adapting to change and embracing technology, owning land in Saskatchewan continues to be a privilege that provides a great return on investment. 

‘Super Six With Options’ offers 958 acres southeast of Swift Current, just west of the Village of Mankota, Saskatchewan.  Mankota is a small, friendly community with many strong family ties.  The Mankota Stockmen's Weigh Co Ltd livestock auction mart, grain elevators, rodeo and sports grounds, and good roads all contribute to what makes this a vibrant agricultural area. 

‘Super Six With Options’ will be sold as three Parcels and offers tremendous opportunity to ranchers and farmers alike.  From cow trails on good, hard grass country to wheat and canola, ‘Super Six With Options’ is ready for the new owners to take it in either direction.

PARCEL 1 is located 17 miles west of Mankota, and less than 2 miles southwest of Wallard.  Parcel 1 is comprised of 320 acres and is being sold as a half-section with two titles.  The Parcel is accessible via the county road on the west side of the property.  One and a half miles of newer 4 wire fence surrounds the south and east perimeters, and the balance is surrounded by a 3-wire hot fence.  Two back-to-back dugouts provide an excellent source of water.  The steel corrals on the property are not included in the sale.  Much of this Parcel is wide open and has been cultivated in years past.  From farming to ranching, Parcel 1 checks all the boxes. 

PARCEL 2 is located 4 miles northwest of Mankota and has two land titles.  Just north of Highway 18, this half-section of land can be accessed by the county roads on both the north and the east perimeters.  With a gentle slope to the east, a yard site near the northeast corner with a dugout in proximity and cow-ready fences, Parcel 2 boasts well over 250 usable acres.

PARCEL 3 is located on the east side of the same county road as Parcel 2 and is just one mile north of the speed corner on Highway 18.  This 320-acre half-section of land offers two certificates of title and currently has 100 acres under cultivation.  That in combination with the hayfields, some pasture, good fences and one dugout, makes for an incredible and diverse half-section of land setup for farming or ranching.  ‘Super Six With Options’ is the six-pack farmers, ranchers, and the investment community has been waiting for. 

‘Super Six With Options’ is being offered for sale by online electronic tender by Please check back for updates from time to time. 


Bidding starts on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

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