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Strawberry Fields Forever Parcel

Strawberry Fields Forever For Sale - AB

Selling on Friday, May 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

A half-section being sold as two Parcels just four miles east of Beaverlodge, Alberta.  With stunning views of the Rockies, proximity to Saskatoon Mountain Provincial Recreation Area, ample water sources, southern exposure, and Surface Lease Revenue, what more could you ask for?  See Parcel Details for Starting Bids.

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The lyrics in "Strawberry Fields Forever,” a famous Beatles song, refer to such fields as being delusional; however, it seems the Beatles never made the trek to the south side of Saskatoon Mountain Provincial Recreation Area in Northern Alberta.  Although the area was named after the native Saskatoon berry, the southern exposure of the mountain also forms an unspoiled habitat for lush native strawberries that have undoubtedly been there forever.

‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ comprises a half section of open farmland that is located just four miles east of Beaverlodge, Alberta.  The thirteen-hundred-hectare Provincial Recreation Area located just to the north, as well as the breathtaking views of the majestic Rocky Mountains to the southwest, come as part of the package for any new owners of the Parcels that make up this unique half-section.  Currently in hay, the land could also be used for pasture with its abundant water sources or converted to cultivated acres in short order.  Well-drained land with southern exposure checks two critical boxes for farmers in Northern Alberta looking to seed cash crops such as peas and canola.  The potential for organic status in the future is another option.  

PARCEL 1 is made up of 159 acres of expansive, open, fertile soil with a treed draw running from north to south.  Buy the quarter and subdivide off that stunning estate high in the northeast corner and do the math on what you may have into the balance of the quarter itself.  Another option would be to build your dream home and use the balance of the quarter for a hobby farm or rent it out for passive income.  Although the mountains are located seventy miles away, the high peaks of the Rockies seem almost touchable on those clear fall days.  The Parcel has an old yard site abeam Township Road 720 with dated water and septic.  Any interested party will want to further investigate the subdivision potential on Parcel 1.  The Surface Lease Revenue from the quarter section offers an added bonus.

PARCEL 2 sits even higher than Parcel 1 and offers up many of the same opportunities, including Surface Lease Revenue.  As a person sits on Range Road 93, which borders the east side of this Parcel, one can only imagine the laneway that could wind into that dream estate perched along the southern exposure of the quarter – perfectly positioned to take in the incredible views to the south and the west.  These 129 acres of hay land offers up unlimited potential.  Runoff and springs from Saskatoon Mountain ensure unrestricted water to these contiguous Parcels.  Clean, fresh water, once taken for granted, has become more and more valuable with time.

‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is being offered for sale via electronic tender by   Please check back for updates from time to time.

CNRL has been in very preliminary discussions with the Seller’s agent, Rob Henry of KMSC Law, in respect of locating a multiwell padsite and access on Parcel 1.  The Buyer would assume conduct of any future discussions with CNRL.

Bidding starts on Friday, May 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

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