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Spruce View - First Class Parcel

Spruce View - First Class For Sale - AB

Selling on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

A prime quarter in Red Deer County, this quarter section of land near Spruce View, Alberta, is one you will not want to miss.  The quality of the land is as good as it gets in Central Alberta and the Starting Bid is a fraction of what local quarters have sold for.  Whether looking to add to your existing land base or setting up the family for country living, mark your calendar for July 26.  Starting Bid: $600,000.

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‘Spruce View – First Class’ is made up of over 154 acres of farmland on the west side of scenic Red Deer County.  With rich, deep topsoil and a great location just 15 miles west of Innisfail and Bowden, Alberta, this is as good as it gets for farmland in Central Alberta.  Standing on the quarter, you are close enough to see both the Rocky Mountains and feel the allure of the Foothills, which brings to mind the centuries old saying, “Go West Young Man, Go West.”  This area arguably boasts some of the highest quality agricultural land of any region in Western Canada; land that both farmers and ranchers commonly share.  Who says cattle don't deserve to set foot on great ground?  Alternatively, one may convert this quarter to cultivated acres and do the math on a 65 bushels per acre canola crop.  

‘Spruce View – First Class’ is a mere two miles southwest of the hamlet of Spruce View, Alberta, and just one-half mile west of the one hundred and twenty-year-old Danish settlement of Dickson, Alberta.  The quality of the land spoke for itself in the early 1900s when Danish settlers left Nebraska, the heart of the US breadbasket, in search of more fertile ground in Western Canada.  Little did the Danish immigrants realize that not only was the surface highly productive, but the subsurface would also, in time, offer up ongoing revenue to any owner.  Three gas wells on the quarter offer up Surface Lease Revenue of over eight thousand dollars a year.  

Currently in grass, ‘Spruce View – First Class’ offers endless options to any buyer.  Some may even want to investigate possible Organic status as well.  In an area well known for its consistent rainfall and extended degree growing days, this is a quarter that will produce year after year.  Add this quarter to your existing land base and see what it does to your bottom line when no extra equipment is required to seed and harvest.  Alternatively, build your dream home and barn and raise your family the country way.  With the significant Surface Lease Revenue and cash rent revenue available, some will undoubtedly consider buying the quarter as an investment for that perfect hedge against inflation.  

‘Spruce View – First Class’ is being offered for sale by CLHbid.com via electronic tender.  Check the website for updates from time to time. 


Bidding starts on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

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