Sorensen Quarters - Dixonville, AB

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Sorensen Quarters - Dixonville, AB Parcel

Sorensen Quarters - Dixonville, AB Sold - AB

Sold on November 28, 2019

Two quarters, just a half hour drive to Manning, Grimshaw or Peace River that were originally homesteaded by the Sorensen family.  Plenty of options for the land as it is perfect for recreational hunting, can be further worked for pasture, hay or cultivation, or you may decide to subdivide the homestead.  Low starting bids - they are priced to sell!

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Map of Sorensen Quarters - Dixonville, AB


Nestled in the heart of the Peace Country, just a half hour drive to Manning, Grimshaw or Peace River, are two quarters that are as respected as the owners.  The north quarter is only 2 miles west of the Mackenzie Highway and both quarters run along Range Road 242. The Sorensen family homesteaded this land and the remains of the old log homestead place can be found on the south quarter.

These are not single-purpose parcels of land with a prior owner casting the dye as to future use.   Leave them as they stand, and these quarters are perfect for recreational hunting quarters where moose and deer abound or choose these as home quarters to raise the family on while taking advantage of the local forestry sector for employment.  Possibly subdivide the homestead site for future sale or perhaps on the north quarter where power comes to the edge of the property and spruce trees provide a spectacular shelter. If, however, Agriculture is your game, it is not hard to imagine opening up more arable acres on either of the quarters for pasture, hay or cultivation.  One only has to look at nearby land to know that a good portion of these quarters could be quickly broke to increase the arable acres. Currently there are approximately 80 arable acres on Parcel 1 and 40 arable acres plus the homestead site on Parcel 2. 

It even gets better.  Drive west and you will notice several quarters nearby commercially harvested for timber in 2019.  Given the low Starting Bids on the Sorensen Quarters, these parcels are priced to move.  Do the math after selling the timber and wood in just the first year.   The economic model could be offered as Land Ownership Course 242.

Sorensen Quarters will be offered for sale by by way of electronic tender. Check the website for details from time to time.  This could be the kick start for your family’s future economic prosperity.

Note:  There is no 'en bloc' option with this auction.

Bidding ended on November 28, 2019

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