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Saskatchewan Patches For Sale - SK

Selling on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

Whether you're looking to crop durum wheat, canola, peas or lentils, Saskatchewan Patches will answer the bell.  3 Parcels with over 420 acres under cultivation, these quarters near Lucky Lake in Central Saskatchewan, are well-drained and made up of highly fertile soil.  See Parcel Details for Starting Bids.

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When flying over the Province of Saskatchewan in the summer, one cannot help but be mesmerized by the grid pattern of thousands upon thousands of quarter sections of land; they are seemingly interwoven like grandma's patchwork quilt with each patch having its own distinct DNA.  ‘Saskatchewan Patches’ is made up of three quarter sections of land, with each of the quarters having its own unique genetic makeup.  Situated just eight miles northwest of the village of Lucky Lake in Central Saskatchewan, in the breadbasket of Canada, these three wide-open quarters have produced more than their fair share of wheat flour for over a century.  Whether you’re looking to crop durum wheat, canola, peas or lentils, ‘Saskatchewan Patches’ rings the bell every time.  The village of Dinsmore is a mere twenty miles north of ‘Saskatchewan Patches’ and is known as the Buckle of the Wheatbelt for a good reason. 


With over four hundred and twenty acres under cultivation, these quarters are well-drained and made up of highly fertile soil.  Do a drive-by on the main road between Parcels 1 and 2 to the south, and Parcel 3 to the north, and you will appreciate just how outstanding this assemblage is.  Could this be the start of an even bigger assemblage in years to come?  The short answer: of course, it could.  If you are looking for something to go with your lentils or peas grown on the land, Wild West Steelhead, a Canadian aquaculture operation, is located just fifteen miles to the east on Lake Diefenbaker.  The major agri-business facilities located in Lucky Lake speak volumes about the quality of the farmland in the area.  When looking to access a major city, take your pick: ‘Saskatchewan Patches’ is located midway between Saskatoon and Swift Current.   If you are looking to travel several miles to farm ‘Saskatchewan Patches,’ no doubt you will be interested in all three as a package.  There are two options to achieve this: first - be the high bidder on each Parcel, or second – use the ‘en bloc’ route that is unique to  Utilizing the ‘en bloc’ route assures a bidder that they will either get all three Parcels or none at all.  Purchasing all three Parcels ‘en bloc’ alleviates the risk of owning a single quarter twenty miles from your home base.

'Saskatchewan Patches' is being offered for sale via online electronic tender by  Please check the website for updates from time to time.

Viewing of Property: The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders.  Please contact us by email at for an appointment.

Bidding starts on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 9:00 AM MDT

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