Rossburn Diamond Select

Sold on October 17, 2022
from 2:00 PM to 2:00 PM UTC

Rossburn, MB
Sale Size
7 Parcels, 1 En Bloc
Starting Bids
$380K - $1.68M

2,000 plus contiguous acres being sold in 7 Parcels, with an option to purchase 'en bloc';. This premium assemblage is located less than 7 miles northwest of Rossburn, Manitoba, and only half of a mile off the pavement. Situated in a highly productive area, this assortment is sure to create a legacy for future generations, and is selling complete with over 82,000 bushels of grain bin storage.

Available Parcels

Map of Rossburn Diamond Select
Parcel Name Parcel 1Parcel Size Starting Bid $380,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 2Parcel Size Starting Bid $780,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 3Parcel Size Starting Bid $380,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 4Parcel Size Starting Bid $980,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 5Parcel Size Starting Bid $1,680,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 6Parcel Size Starting Bid $1,580,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 7Parcel Size Starting Bid $480,000View Parcel
En Bloc Name Parcel 8En Bloc Size Starting Bid $400,000View En Bloc

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Sale Description

Click the following links for directions to Parcel 1, Parcel 2, Parcel 3, Parcel 4, Parcel 5, Parcel 6 and Parcel 7.

Please click here to view the 'en bloc' details.

Please view the specific details in the Offers to Purchase in the Parcel Details section.

Advances in agronomics and technology have revolutionized the farming industry by eliminating much of the guesswork when planning for success.  With the integration of large-scale technology in farm equipment, the application of the constantly evolving science behind agronomics in farming has dramatically changed agriculture over the last decade.  These are positive changes that may be hard to comprehend for previous generations and have been vital to feeding the world.

The quality of the land that makes up 'Rossburn Diamond Select' is the one thing in farming that has not changed.  This premium assemblage of contiguous quarters has been managed correctly and is situated in a highly productive area that is known to grab timely rains year after year.  Sizable blocks of land are hard to come by, and this block makes sense for local growers, farmers from afar, and investors alike.

'Rossburn Diamond Select' boasts over 2,000 acres and is located just north of major Highway 45, and a mere six and a half miles northwest of Rossburn, Manitoba.  On sale day prospective buyers will be able to bid by way of electronic tender and take advantage of the Parceling to fit individual needs.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase 'en bloc,' for the buyer wanting to acquire the package in its entirety.

PARCEL 1 is the northern-most Parcel with good access from the west and is well sloped to the southeast with over 115 acres of arable land in Wheat in 2022.

PARCEL 2 is a half section comprised of 318.5 acres, including over 165 cultivated acres in Wheat in 2022.  With access from both the eastern and southern boundaries, this Parcel offers scenic appeal and boarders Chuckrey Lake.

PARCEL 3 is a single quarter made up of 160 acres and would fit well in combination with another Parcel or may appeal to the single Parcel buyer wanting to build a quiet retreat.  This Parcel has a fine pond and offers views of the valley.  There are 95 acres in Barley in 2022.

PARCEL 4 offers three titles, including the 8.43-acre acreage situated in the northeast corner.  More titles mean more options for prospective buyers, and with 230 arable acres consisting in Wheat this year, this Parcel offers any buyer an exceptional opportunity.  The yard site has power, a water well, a hip roof barn, a large steel Quonset and a solid 14’x16’ Cabin.  The existing shelterbelt makes Parcel 4 a great spot to set up a yard.

PARCEL 5 is arguably one of the nicest blocks in the area.  These 3 quarters combined boasted over 405 acres in Canola in 2022.  This Parcel is well sloped to the east and is the sort of land you can get on early in the Spring. Parcel 5 will be sold with over 52,000 bushels of storage, four Westeel 7,900-bushel bins, two Stor-King, 5,000 bushel hopper bins, three Twister 2,250 bushel bins, and three older 1,350 bushel grain bins.  All the bins are situated on concrete and the firm gravel access makes them ready to work.  There is also an artesian well conveniently located just north of the bin yard.

PARCEL 6 is a 547-acre block with 470 acres under cultivation and is currently in Canola.  Access can be gained from the eastern and southern boundaries and this sizable block has many similarities to Parcel 5, including good drainage.  There is no question that these are the sort of acres that make sense for any potential buyer.  19,000 bushels of storage are sold with this Parcel, consisting of four Westeel grain bins that are situated on concrete.

PARCEL 7 is the most southern quarter in the assemblage.  With 160 acres in total, there are 130 acres in Canola in 2022.  Parcel 7 was the farm headquarters for many years and Victor Koscielny and his family have many fond memories here.  The existing shelterbelt is ideally situated to build your dream estate and raise your family or build a grain bin yard just a 1/4 mile from pavement.  There is power on the Parcel and two Westeel bins on concrete offering just over 11,000 bushels in storage.

'Rossburn Diamond Select' has taken decades to assemble and is now offering potential buyers a chance to purchase over 2,000 acres.  This is a rare opportunity to solidify an established land base for future generations.  With Sustainable Agriculture at top of mind, 'Rossburn Diamond Select' is an assemblage that will mitigate risk and prove to be a great asset that drives the bottom line.

‘Rossburn Diamond Select’ offers over 1,600 arable acres and approximately 82,000 bushels of grain storage capacity.  Buyers will have the opportunity to purchase individual Parcels or take advantage of the ‘en bloc’ system to acquire the entire assemblage and keep the farm together.

'Rossburn Diamond Select' is being offered for sale via online electronic tender by  Please check the website for updates from time to time.

Viewing of Property: The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders.  Please contact us by email at for an appointment.

Rossburn Diamond Select is being offered for sale via online escalating tender by Check the website for updates from time to time. The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders. Please contact us by email at for an appointment. As a law firm, CLHbid never discloses bidder's names to any party, including the Seller. Only the successful buyer's name is ever disclosed to the Seller as part of the closing process.

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