Rosemary Gem - Rosemary, AB

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Rosemary Gem - Rosemary, AB Parcel

Rosemary Gem - Rosemary, AB Sold - AB

Sold on August 23, 2021

Take advantage of the low Starting Bid on this 159-acre quarter section located in the County of Newell, Alberta.  With 84 acres of water rights and significant surface lease revenue, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss.  

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Map of Rosemary Gem - Rosemary, AB


Located in the Eastern Irrigation District (EID) in the heart of the Palliser Triangle in the County of Newell, Alberta, this 159 acre ‘Rosemary Gem’ has a rich history.  Thanks to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and a dream to settle the area, this once semi-arid grassland was transformed into highly productive agricultural land.  This quarter section is still fed from the Bow River by a series of canals, flumes, reservoirs and a dam that the CPR developed in 1910. On April 23, 1935, the “Act to Incorporate the Eastern Irrigation District” was passed by the province of Alberta, spearheaded by the landowners who took over operations from the CPR.  These landowners still own and operate the EID in what some call the ‘Land of Promise’.  Oil and gas production on EID lands facilitates a net zero cost of irrigation per acre for land owners.  The ‘Rosemary Gem’ boasts over $14,000 in annual surface lease revenue; serious cash flow for a solid investment.

This promise land consists of 84 acres of water rights, providing the fuel to grow high-yielding crops year after year.  The balance of this parcel is currently in pasture with a large corral system and a small creek running west to east.  The south end of the parcel could be turned over to cultivated land, creating excellent returns with additional arable acres and access to additional irrigation rights.  Not only will this parcel provide a lift from an agricultural perspective, it is enviable from an investment standpoint as well.  It is readily accessible via Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway - Canada's major east-west transport route - and Highway 36, which connects the Alberta Oilsands in the North to the United States border in the South.

Please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

With consideration of low interest rates for lending and high commodity prices, you won’t want to miss this once in a lifetime sale which was last on the market in the 1930s.  The ‘Rosemary Gem’ is being offered for sale by way of online electronic tender by Check our website for updates from time to time.

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Bidding ended on August 23, 2021

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