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River & Main - Spirit River, AB Parcel

River & Main - Spirit River, AB Sold - AB

Sold on August 10, 2021

Over 1,000 acres of land being sold in 9 parcels on the doorstep of Spirit River, Alberta.  Whether searching for farmland, an investment opportunity, or the perfect place to build your dream home or cabin, this land has something for everyone.  

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Map of River & Main - Spirit River, AB


It is often said that Portage & Main is the coldest corner in Canada.  Well, there is nothing cold about ‘River & Main,’ a package of nine parcels of agricultural land located directly south of the town of Spirit River and straddling both sides of the river bearing the same name.  This truly is one of those stories about location, location, location.  Three of the nine parcels are adjacent to highway 731 and five of the nine parcels are located directly south of the town off the end of the main street.

Parcel 1 is a full quarter located only one-half of a mile from the town of Spirit River.  The Parcel offers up income from a communications tower located on the north end of the land and Surface Lease Revenue from a well on the southwest corner.  The quarter has half of a mile of paved frontage along the east perimeter.   Farmers tend to seek out well-drained land with a southerly slope and Parcel 1 rings this bell.  That means fewer drowned out areas in wet years and a slightly earlier maturing crop, year after year, on the south slope.  There are acreages situated right across the road from this Parcel.  

Parcel 2 is another full quarter located south of Spirit River and just one mile west of Highway 731.  At the current price of wide-open quarters, this one may make your banker smile; purchase this quarter at a discount and then undergo the improvements with ease.  With a bit of work, a buyer can turn this quarter into a wide-open quarter in just two or three years.  One only has to look on either side of this piece of land to envision what could be done with the 69 acres of bush on the west side.  Willowvale Road borders the Parcel to the north and a building spot awaits the purchaser on the east side of the creek that meanders down the East side of the property.  The quarter is close to White Mountain and offers a plentiful supply of wildlife.  This Parcel includes passive income from Surface Lease Revenue.   

Parcel 3 is located on the east side of Highway 731 with one-half of a mile of highway frontage.  This full quarter is fenced and has significant Surface Lease Revenue.  With almost 90 acres in pasture, the Parcel has four dugouts offering up a good clean water source for above-average rates of gain.  The quarter could also be turned into an organic grain or oilseeds producer in short order. 

Parcel 4 features 102 acres, of which approximately 75 acres are currently arable; however, more acres could be brought under cultivation.  This Parcel offers enormous potential as the perfect place to build your dream home on the east side of the mature trees that are situated on the westerly portion of the land.  It is presently fenced with 2 strands of hot wire.  Enjoy life in the country a mere 3 minutes from all of the amenities the town of Spirit River has to offer.  The parcel is unique in that Township Road 780A severs the parcel leaving a picturesque 15 acres on the north that has the potential to be subdivided to gain an extra title and future acreage. 

Parcel 5 is Spirit River Settlement Lot 51 and made up of over 100 acres in total.  Settlement lots were created to allow more owners to access riparian water rights.  The Parcel has approximately 50 arable acres in total, with 20 of the cultivated acres lying east of Range Road 62A.  There is Surface Lease Revenue from a well on the south boundary.  Parcel 5 comes with over 3,000 feet of treed river frontage along the south bank of the Spirit River.  You must walk this Parcel to truly appreciate it.  The Lewchuk family finds this Parcel hard to leave after calling it home for over half of a century.  The family home is situated here, as well as a second, older and smaller house that was also home to a family member.  The setting is spectacular as you drive in the north driveway past the massive 500-foot-long dugout on the right.  When you park in the shadows of the majestic natural windbreak, it truly feels like home.   The farmstead has been well thought out, with a working driveway to the south for the farm equipment that leads to the metal shop. 

Parcel 6 is Spirit River Settlement Lot 1 and offers up multiple options.  The Parcel offers 140 acres in total with more than 70 acres currently arable however more could be brought under cultivation.  Access to Parcel 6 is via the registered road plan which runs parallel with the Spirit River and is accessible from the east and the west.  This is a Parcel that needs to be walked to truly appreciate.  The lower 10-acre river flat bordering the north bank of the Spirt River gives one the feeling of being along a remote stream in the foothills as opposed to being minutes from downtown Spirt River. The Parcel offers total seclusion away from busy Municipal District roads for that recreational buyer wanting privacy while still offering farming and ranching options - especially if bought in conjunction with Parcel 7. 

Parcel 7 is Spirit River Settlement Lot 2 and is close to 50 acres, with more than 30 arable acres on the higher plateau.  The lower area that leads down to the north bank of the Spirit River is idyllic and forms a special tableland all of its own.   

Parcel 8 is Spirit River Settlement Lot 30 and is made up of over 70 acres, with 40 arable acres that are currently seeded down to cereal crops.  Located just one mile south of the Main Street in Spirit River, this Parcel shares a border with Range Road 62A and has potential for future development.  Do the math on buying the Parcel and potentially developing it into smaller parcels at a future date and you will be happy with the outcome.

Parcel 9 is Spirit River Settlement Lot 29 and boasts 122 acres in total that are ready to go to work after a long rest seeded down to grass.  This Parcel is also bordering Range Road 62A and is located just one mile south of the Main Street in Spirit River.  It has enormous potential for future development as well as on the agronomic side, including the potential to go organic.  If investing in farmland, why not invest in farmland on Main Street.  Your grandkids will be sure to thank you for it.

Please review the updated Purchase Agreements in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

'River & Main' is being offered for sale by way of online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check out our website for updates from time to time.

Viewing of Property: The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders on Saturday, June 26, 2021.  Please contact us by email at info@clhbid.com for an appointment.

SLR Details: Parcels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7

Parcel 6 Road Plan: Road Plan


Bidding ended on August 10, 2021

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