Producer on Pavement 519 - Granum, AB

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Producer on Pavement 519 - Granum, AB Parcel

Producer on Pavement 519 - Granum, AB Sold - AB

Sold on March 16, 2020

2 quarters of prime agricultural land on highway 519, just 5 miles east of Granum, Alberta.  With the SE quarter on the pavement, there is potential to sell off an acreage and still own the most economically priced farmland in all of Southern Alberta.  Being sold as 1 parcel.  

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Map of Producer on Pavement 519 - Granum, AB


Producer on Pavement 519 is one of those perfect half-sections, tailor-made for today’s large scale farming operation.  Located 5 miles east of Granum, Alberta, also known as Alberta’s smallest town, this half section offers up big potential.  Due south of the half section you will find the town of Fort MacLeod, Alberta. 

Whether you're looking to add economies of scale to your existing farm base or looking to invest in prime agricultural land on pavement, this half demands attention from even the most discerning investor.  Buy the half section and sell off an acreage with easy access to both pavement as well as the major transportation corridor Highway 2, which is only 6 miles west.  End up owning some of the most economically priced farmland in all of Southern Alberta. 

Adding these 320 acres of fertile land, perfectly laid out with that full mile run, means significantly more revenue without the need for added equipment.  In the end, making your farm Balance Sheet look even brighter.   We have all heard the adage Location, Location, Location.   It is here that Producer on Pavement 519 knocks it out of the park. Offering up a half-mile pavement frontage near the major T intersection to highways 519 and 811, it doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to envisage the appreciation this half is likely to see in coming years.  With a Starting Bid set, well below recent area sales, it's time to call your lender and put this prime half in your crosshairs.

The lease revenue in relation to Registration Number 011 042 479 (Caveat re: Surface Lease under 20 Acres/Caveator: Tamarack Acquisition Corp.) do not form part of the sale.  We have been advised that the well on the Property has been abandoned and the owner is currently working to complete reclamation standards with a view to applying for a Reclamation Certificate later this year.   

Producer on Pavement 519 is being offered for sale by way of online electronic tender by   Please check the website for updates from time to time.

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Bidding ended on March 16, 2020

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