Norse Producer

Sold on September 15, 2021
from 3:00 PM to 3:00 PM UTC

Valhalla, AB
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In the heart of the Valhalla area of Alberta, this home quarter offers diverse growing options with a soil PH that could support a broad spectrum of crops from grains and oilseeds to grasses and legumes. Close to urban amenities and priced to sell, this is a must see.

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In an area known more for Lutefisk than Tacos or Perogies, ‘Norse Producer’ is a quarter section of prime agricultural land located right on Highway 59.  It is situated three miles west of Valhalla Centre, four miles southwest of Valhalla, and a mere one-mile north-west of Valhalla Lake.  One can assume past owners of the quarter, including Slim, sensed that they were already partway to the Viking Heaven known as Valhalla, just based on their address alone.

‘Norse Producer’ is now selling as a full quarter as the seller originally intended to subdivide but it would have required redoing the septic system to comply with setbacks and they chose to simply sell the full quarter instead.  'Norse Producer' boasts over 20 acres of virgin land with trees that the new owner may wish to leave or convert to arable acres.  When you do the math on the massive 435’ x 235’ dugout, which covers over two acres on the surface and is situated close to the paved highway, you will realize that the possibilities for additional income generating from ‘Norse Producer’ are endless.  The land is diverse; the PH of the soil means it can grow a broad spectrum of grains and oilseeds while still allowing for the grass or legume cropping rotations when the market dictates.  ‘Norse Producer’ is not a mono-track cropping quarter. 

With Hythe six miles to the southwest, the quarter is close to schools, recreational activities, churches and other common urban amenities.  ‘Norse Producer’ is priced to sell - the Starting Bid is set at less than half of what other quarters have traded for just a few miles down the road.  

Please review the updated Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

‘Norse Producer’ is being offered for sale by electronic tender by  Check back for updates from time to time.

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