Nine of Diamonds

Sold on November 27, 2023
from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM UTC

Vermilion, AB
Sale Size
8 Parcels, 1 En Bloc
$700K - $2.03M

9 quarters selling as 8 Parcels less than 16 miles south of Vermilion, Alberta, just one mile east of Buffalo Trail Hwy 41. With a total of more than 1,400 acres, these contiguous quarters offer up some of the best farmland in Western Canada. As a bonus, the land comes with significant SLR. This is a large enough land base to establish a satellite farm or set up a family member.

Available Parcels

Map of Nine of Diamonds
En Bloc Name En BlocEn Bloc Size 1,416 +/- AcresFinal $400,000View En Bloc
Parcel Name Parcel 1Parcel Size 158 +/- AcresFinal $910,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 2Parcel Size 159 +/- AcresFinal $940,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 3Parcel Size 160 +/- AcresFinal $700,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 4Parcel Size 320 +/- AcresFinal $2,030,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 5Parcel Size 160 +/- AcresFinal $700,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 6Parcel Size 160 +/- AcresFinal $700,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 7Parcel Size 143 +/- AcresFinal $760,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 8Parcel Size 157 +/- AcresFinal $740,000View Parcel

Sale Description

‘Nine Of Diamonds’ is that often sought-after card and, in this case, dealt face up by its owners. With fertile soil that has always produced lush grass, even the vast herds of Buffalo that roamed Western Canada centuries ago chose to hang out here. In celebration of the area's history, Highway 41 was named Buffalo Trail and runs north-south just 1 mile west of this assemblage of premier real estate.

Nine Of Diamonds - Parcel 1

Nine Of Diamonds - Parcel 1

With a total of 1,416 acres, ‘Nine Of Diamonds’ is comprised of 9 Quarters of what is arguably the crème de la crème of farmland in Western Canada. This is not a diamond in the rough; everyone well versed in the farming industry understands that the County of Vermilion River and agriculture go hand in hand. It is not hard to figure out why the County is home to one of the largest Agriculture colleges in North America; a College with a Board of Governors that recently chose to buy land next door to ‘Nine Of Diamonds.’

With ‘Nine Of Diamonds’ in the crosshairs, Vermilion sits less than sixteen miles to the north, Wainwright just eighteen miles to the south, and thirty-eight miles due west and east is Viking and the Saskatchewan border, respectively.

If you are looking to invest in prime real estate, this is one block of land that you will want to scope out. ‘Nine Of Diamonds’ is slated to go down as one of the most elite assemblages of farmland sold in Western Canada in 2023. If you are an investor, you will realize the lift that comes with an assemblage of over 1,400 acres of farmland with significant Surface Lease Revenue that exceeds $65,000 per year. Rental rates in the area are high and reflect the productivity of the land. Adding more quarters in future years will merely enhance your investment. This is not cheap land, but rather legacy land to leave future generations.

Nine Of Diamonds - Parcel 5

Nine Of Diamonds - Parcel 5

As for farmers, we need not waste time reiterating the productivity of ‘Nine Of Diamonds.’ Knowing it will add straight to your bottom line, this assemblage is large enough to warrant travel of an hour or more. Well drained with a southerly slope, the 8 Parcels making up ‘Nine Of Diamonds’ will be there to answer the bell equally in spring and fall. Two trips a year to this block of land are sure to make even your accountant and your banker grin.’s unique 'en bloc' feature ensures that bidders coming from afar can either acquire all 8 Parcels or none; there is no need to worry about being left with owning just 2 or 3 quarters.

Nine of Diamonds is being offered for sale via online escalating tender by Check the website for updates from time to time. The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders. Please contact us by email at for an appointment. As a law firm, CLHbid never discloses bidder's names to any party, including the Seller. Only the successful buyer's name is ever disclosed to the Seller as part of the closing process.

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