Montney Panorama - Fort St. John, BC

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Montney Panorama - Fort St. John, BC Parcel

Montney Panorama - Fort St. John, BC Sold - BC

Sold on August 24, 2021

2 quarters selling just 9 miles northwest of Fort St. John, BC.  Unique landscape, amazing views and great road access.  The perfect location to build your dream home.  

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Map of Montney Panorama - Fort St. John, BC


The drive heading north out of Fort St. John, BC, down Montney Road, bar none rivals other scenic rural drives in Canada with much more celebrated names. Montney Road heads north, through the spectacular countryside with  stunning views out over the valley below.  A mere eight minutes out, you arrive at ‘Montney Panorama’, a half section as unique and diverse as the countryside itself.  A creek meanders through the heart of the half section providing a natural divide to the two quarters making up the half.  Both quarters come with a breathtaking vista to the north and east, looking out over the signature rolling landscape of the Montney region.

‘Montney Panorama’ is surrounded by pavement on three sides, with Montney Road on the east and north and Beaton Park Road on the west. The short drive from Fort St. John is seamless even in winter, with no bridges or steep hills to navigate. Always a plus if you have family on the road.

Parcel 1, which is the east  quarter, has power to a former building site.  The driveway winds up the hill to that former building site off Montney Road on the north.  The easterly portion of the quarter has been left in a pristine state, preserving a future idyllic building spot.  A spring can be found near the top of this virgin area. Parcel 1 needs boots on the ground to truly appreciate what it has to offer. One  can only imagine that dream residence with a walkout facing southeast sitting atop the highpoint on the east side.  Go for a walk before dinner in late July and    pick from the abundance of saskatoons that flourish.  Parcel 1 has an abandoned well site which is expected to be reclaimed in the near future. The quarter has natural gas along the east perimeter with approximately ninety-seven acres under cultivation.

Parcel 2, the westerly quarter off ‘Montney Panorama’, has the Beaton Park Road bordering it on the west and Montney Road on the north.  The quarter is a mere  eight miles to Highway 97 and only minutes more to downtown Fort St. John.  Great country living just minutes from all the amenities of a large urban centre. This king of the hill quarter slopes down to the northeast and is essentially a blank canvas for the new owner.  Pick your building site coming in off the Beaton Park Road or the Montney Road and proceed to carve it out of the mature aspen.  You will undoubtedly want  to open up a view, given the vantage point high above the Montney valley below. With today's lumber prices, a buyer will no doubt look at the mature aspen trees and investigate the value of the same.  Volume of merchantable aspen has been estimated at over 3,000 tonnes.  Whether the buyer views the aspen as a commodity likely to increase in value over time or a commodity to monetize now to cover part of the cost of opening up the land, the merchantable aspen stand will be seen as a bonus on day one.  Much of the area, currently treed, could be brought under cultivation once the timber is removed. The ease of getting areas such as this under cultivation has changed significantly in recent years using tillers, eliminating raking and picking roots.

Located along a high visibility corridor, no one has to tell local farmers whatMontney Panorama’ can produce year after year.  Farmers also know paying a bit more for good land pays back in spades.  Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity  to buy a half section with stunning views, easily accessible year round and only minutes from downtown Fort St. John.  If you’re interested in making family memories in the country, no better place awaits thanMontney Panorama’.


Please review the updated Purchase Agreements in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

‘Montney Panorama’ will be offered for sale by way of online electronic tender by Check the website for updates from time to time.

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Bidding ended on August 24, 2021

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