Let 'Er Buck

Sold on March 28, 2023
from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM UTC

Goodsoil, SK
Sale Size
1 Parcel, 157.75 Acres

Located just 3 miles SW of Goodsoil, Saskatchewan, this quarter section is on the market for the first time in almost 100 years. Situated at the Gateway to Meadow Lake Provincial Park, recreational opportunities abound. Goodsoil equals good karma. Starting Bid: $245,000.

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$405,000 Final

for 157.75 Acres near Goodsoil, SK

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NW-17-62-22-W3157.75 Acres

Sale Description

You will find this whole quarter section three miles southwest of the village of Goodsoil, Saskatchewan, also known as the Gateway to Meadow Lake Provincial Park. ‘Let ‘Er Buck’ has been all about work for generations, however, it is also just a short drive to play; there are numerous recreational amenities in the vicinity, including fishing, hunting, golf, and camping. The Buck family, currently selling the land, had maternal grandparents who immigrated from Germany and settled in the area close to a century ago. Whether it be cars, warmblood horses, or Zeiss optics, Germans are well known for their discerning ability to work hard and seize and settle on the good things in life. Their focus on the farmland in the Goodsoil area was no exception.

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