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Land Your Sturgeon - Legal, AB Parcel

Land Your Sturgeon - Legal, AB Sold - AB

Sold on March 8, 2022

Quarter of prime soil with crop selling in two parcels at the major Hwy 2 near Legal, Alberta, an intersection just 45 km north of Edmonton.  An established farmstead with significant Surface Lease Revenue and commercial development kitty corner.  

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‘Land Your Sturgeon’ is situated 45 kilometres north of Edmonton and just 3 kilometres west of Legal, Alberta.  The location migrates closer to Greater Edmonton on an annual basis as The City continues to expand.  The quarter section is divided into two: PARCEL 1 is made up of the northerly 70 acres and PARCEL 2 is the southerly 77 acres.  ‘Land Your Sturgeon’ is situated in Sturgeon County, often referred to as Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, an area known for world-class petrochemical, gas, and chemical developments.  With the current movement out of large urban centres, ‘Land Your Sturgeon’ could not be situated better.  The location boasts a rural setting with the benefit of major urban amenities on the doorstep and is positioned alongside a major economic corridor. 


Located at the confluence of major Highway 2 and Highway 651, rest assured ‘Land Your Sturgeon’ is one incredible catch - with no catch and release rules applicable.  The quarter is situated at one of the busiest intersections in the entire Province of Alberta, with a disproportionate amount of commercial and industrial traffic.  Land this one, and one can only dream of what the future holds for your family financially.  One must only look at the commercial development that is kitty-corner across the intersection and take note that the small lots are selling for multiples of the starting bids for these two parcels.


Each Parcel offers up its bonuses: PARCEL 1 has a developed farmstead that is currently rented out and has both natural gas and power servicing the property.  PARCEL 2 offers up significant current Surface Lease Revenue from a compressor site.  In addition, the owner has a financial claim filed with the Province of Alberta in respect to the Redwater Energy Corp well site rental arrears and will be assigning that government payment to the high bidder as part of closing. 


The soil making up both Parcels 1 and 2 is highly fertile with a PH that allows for the most versatile of cropping rotation. The high bidder buys the land as-is, meaning the Parcels come with approximately 100 acres seeded down to winter wheat.  With seeding already completed, take on this extra land base and reap the rewards in the fall.  The crop forms part of the land sold and the prior tenant has expressed an interest in entering into rental discussions with the high bidder in the event the high bidder does not wish to farm the land.


‘Land Your Sturgeon’ is being offered for sale by way of electronic tender by  The Parcels will be sold using a Universal close such that any bid placed near closing on either Parcel will extend the bidding time on both Parcels.  Check back for updates from time to time.


The Seller will be assigning the entire claim filed under s.36 of the Surface Rights Act for the annual rental arrears relating to the Redwater Energy Corp wellsite in the sum of $3,620.00 per year, with the claim dating back to 2014 and now totalling over $28,000.00.  Bidders are invited to check the status of the claim payout RC2021.0469 with the Land and Property Rights Tribunal.



Bidding ended on March 8, 2022

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