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Kleskun Hills Ranch / Martineau Farms Parcel

Kleskun Hills Ranch / Martineau Farms Sold - AB

Sold on September 4, 2018

Owners of the Kleskun Hills Bison Ranch, Peterson, Swanberg and King are shifting gears and selling their world class Ranch.  The Martineau farm is selling at the same time - purposely assembled into one connecting unit.  The combined KHR and Martineau Farms land auction is made up of pasture and highly fertile arable land.

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Owners of the Kleskun Hills Bison Ranch, Peterson, Swanberg and King, are shifting gears, and selling their world class Ranch. The disposition of the dual faceted land base, made up of unique, virgin pasture and highly fertile arable land, is being managed by CLHbid.com.  The fifteen quarter sections of pasture has been purposely dealt with, in a manner to ensure all twenty-four hundred acres, remain pristine and intact as an outstanding provincial natural area.  The balance of the Ranch however, being the prime farmland, is up for auction!

The remaining seventeen quarter sections of the ranch, being the most fertile, will be offered for sale by CLHbid.com on its on-line time auction platform.  All but two of these quarter sections are contiguous.  Without a doubt, one of the largest and if not the most unique block of agricultural land offered for sale in Western Canada in recent years. 

The ten most easterly quarters, out of the seventeen in total, on the east side of Range Road Forty-One (RR 41), and bordering divided Highway forty-three on the south, offer the opportunity to farm an almost unheard expansive of land, in North Western, Alberta.  The soil is dark loam with a history of growing rich legumes and forages for the Kleskun Hills Ranch (‘KHR’) primary feed source.  The land is high in organic matter, south sloping with ideal drainage.  South sloping, equates to earlier maturity in the fall.   Every farmer knows the exponential loss associated with poor drainage, especially when it comes to peas and canola, in a wet year.   No worries with this expanse of land.  It looks after the drainage for you 24/7.

It only gets better. These ten KHR quarters on the east side of Range Road 41, adjoin seven quarters of prime land to the north owned by Martineau Farms. These fence to fence neighbours are getting together and on sale day and will be offering up for auction twenty-four quarters of first-class farmland.   Prime cultivated land all connected, and most likely not to trade hands again for generations.

The Martineau farm is intergenerational, and has been purposely assembled as well, into one connecting unit.  The view to the west of the Kleskun Hills is magnificent.  The Mercer Hill road borders the farm on the north side. The elevation of the farm itself gives one the feeling of being atop a rolling hill in the Midwest, USA, with a view down to both the south and north.  In total, the Martineau seven quarters of land has over nine hundred and fifty acres under cultivation.   Additional acres can be easily broken and placed under cultivation.  The north west of 25 and south east of 36 have significant surface rights revenue.  Over the years, this farm has produced bumper crops of cereals, legumes and oilseeds.  

The combined KHR and Martineau Farms land auction on September 4th, 2018 will start with the KHR Ranch quarters bordering the Highway 43 east of Range Road forty-one. The auction will then move north, until all KHR/Martineau seventeen quarters have been sold on the east side of Range Road forty-one.  These seventeen continuous quarters will then re-appear again as two separate en bloc auctions. The KHR 10 quarters east of Range Road 41 will appear as ‘en bloc’ ‘’A’’ and the 7 Martineau quarters will appear in ‘en bloc’ ‘’B’’ and be offered for sale as A and B. If a prior high bidder wishes to bid on either ‘en bloc’ A or B they must have been previously high on minimum of 3 prior parcels in the respective ‘en bloc’ they wish to bid on.  Build your dream grain handling system in the center of seventeen quarters of land.  

The auction then moves westerly across Range Road 41 where you find five additional quarters of prime farmland, all owned by KHR, which includes land with surface rights revenue as well. Three of these quarters back onto a new provincial natural area. Ideal quarters to build your dream home on, and raise a family on, all within 15 minutes of City life.  All parcels have a majestic southerly view.  Quarter sections this close to the City, in close proximity to pavement, just don’t come up for sale often.  

If you like to avoid the glare, and if you are looking for land that is a bit more remote, you may want to wait until near the conclusion of the auction.  Here you can check out the only two quarters owned by the KHR, not attached to the main ranch itself.   The east half of section thirty-two is north on Range Road forty-four and is made up of excellent farmland.  With the recently paved Mercer Hill Road on the north.  Much like the balance of the ranch, this half section has had extensive drainage work done, allowing for expansive fields which can be farmed with ease.  

For details on this almost unheard of combined land auction of some of the finest Agricultural land in Western Canada check out the CLHbid.com website. The Hay and Bison have been sold by private treaty.

Bidding ended on September 4, 2018

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