Highway 59 Prime - LaGlace, AB

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Highway 59 Prime - LaGlace, AB Parcel

Highway 59 Prime - LaGlace, AB Sold - AB

Sold on November 15, 2019

The 3 quarters that make up Highway 59 Prime, in the County of Grande Prairie, have assemblage opportunities written all over them.  Add acres without any additional fixed cost for machinery.  Quarters like this tend to trade once or twice a century yet pay for themselves in a matter of years.  Added bonus is a large subdivision parcel with highway frontage!

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Map of Highway 59 Prime - LaGlace, AB


The quarters that make up Highway 59 Prime are located in a sweet spot in the County of Grande Prairie.  Quarters like this tend to trade once or twice a century yet pay for themselves in a matter of years.   These 3 quarters have assemblage written all over them, offering any buyer a chance to add acres without any additional fixed cost for machinery.  Acres like this do wonders to a farmer’s financial bottom line. 

Parcel 1 borders Highway 59 on the south.  The Parcel is made up of 130 cultivated acres in total.   The former livestock handling yard located in the north-east corner will be subdivided off Parcel 1 and sold separately. The Scandinavian and Dutch farmers that settled this area know the quality of the land better than anyone.  Well known to produce consistent high yielding crops year after year.  Highly fertile soil with minimal rocks and exceptionally well-drained. The window that this land offers for achieving above-average crops even in years of marginal or excessive rain is well documented. The soil making up all three quarters is soil with few limitations, allowing for the widest of cropping options. Words such as acidic or saline are words foreign to this soil.  Whether its cereal, oilseed or grass crops, Highway 59 Prime is sure to deliver.  

As for Parcel 2, it quite simply doesn't get any better.  You could not find a better parcel of land to showcase Western Canadian Agriculture than the 30 seconds viewing this quarter offers when cruising down Highway 59.  That elusive perfect quarter, corner to corner with highway frontage.  The new pipeline riser offers annual Surface Lease Revenue of $2,250.00.  The only thing boring about this quarter is the half-mile unobstructed ride after setting the GPS.  If your thinking Highway 59 Prime is too rich for yourself, we suggest you compare it to similar quarters near Vermilion or Viking selling for multiples of these.  It’s hard to go wrong buying arguably some of the best land that has come up for sale in recent years.

Parcel 3 is located a mile and a half north of Highway 59.  If you enjoy the quiet life listening to geese on Wolfe lake at night off your deck, then this is the quarter for you.  One hundred and ten acres with 75 of those acres cultivated.  This quarter is a must-see.  Purchase the quarter and apply to subdivide your dream parcel off for that picture-perfect country residence close to a lake, and sell the balance of the quarter back to a local farmer.   The math on the transaction may even make your accountant smile.  This quarter is as unique as they come.

Highway 59 Prime will be offered for sale by way of online tender on CLHbid.com. Check the website for updates from time to time.

Parcel 4 is the final piece of the puzzle and is the subdivision located in the north-east corner of Parcel 1 bordering Highway 59.  The subdivision has power, gas, 36 x 70 Quonset and 20 x 30 shop on concrete, coupled with a decades-old mature shelterbelt.  Subdivisions of this size (approximately 21 acres) on highway frontage offer unlimited potential.  Whether you're looking to build your dream house in a mature setting or looking for a perfect location for your grain handling system on the highway, this acreage will be of interest to you.  It will be selling in conjunction with Parcel 1,2 and 3.

Note:  There is no 'en bloc' option with this auction.

VTB:  The Vendor is offering a Vendor Take Back 1st Mortgage to any high bidder. Click to view details

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Bidding ended on November 15, 2019

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