Hat Creek Ranch Collection

Selling on August 15, 2024
from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM UTC

Cache Creek, BC
Sale Size
1 Parcel, 74,716 ± Acres
Starting Bid

74,716 Acres selling as 1 Parcel a mere 30-mile drive SW of Cache Creek, British Columbia. With 2,387 deeded acres, and the remaining acres split between Grazing Leases and Licences, a Crown Lease, and a BC Hydro Lease, the Hat Creek Ranch Collection is no ordinary assemblage of land. Situated in between Whistler and Kamloops, this sprawling canvas of opportunity includes multiple ranch houses and can support 450+ cow/calf pairs. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a turn-key ranch in the majestic Coast Mountains. Starting Bid: $5,900,000.

Available Parcels

Map of Hat Creek Ranch Collection
Parcel Name Parcel 1Parcel Size 74,716 ± AcresStarting Bid $5,900,000View Parcel
Feature Name Yard 1Feature Details The Owner's RetreatIncluded With Parcel 1View Feature
Feature Name Yard 2Feature Details Ranch Manager's Private ResidenceIncluded With Parcel 1View Feature
Feature Name Yard 3Feature Details Twin CreeksIncluded With Parcel 1View Feature
Feature Name Yard 4Feature Details 88 RanchIncluded With Parcel 1View Feature
Feature Name Yard 5Feature Details BC Hydro LeaseIncluded With Parcel 1View Feature
Option Name Option AOption Details Livestock OptionsOption Price $3,000View Option
Option Name Option BOption Details Hay Bale OptionOption Price $130View Option
Option Name Option COption Details Equipment OptionOption Price $375,000View Option

Sale Description

Forge your ranching legacy amidst the breathtaking vistas of British Columbia, a land revered worldwide for its natural splendor. Spread across more than 117 square miles of untamed beauty, welcome to the extraordinary 'Hat Creek Ranch Collection.' Here, rugged landscapes merge seamlessly with boundless prospects, snow-capped peaks form natural boundaries to the west and east, while pristine creeks meander through the ancient valley, sculpting a panorama unlike any other on Earth.

Hat Creek Ranch Collection

Hat Creek Ranch Collection

Nestled within the embrace of the Coast Mountains, this bespoke ranch is situated 71 miles as the crow flies from the world-renowned resort town of Whistler, BC, promising a lifestyle of unrivalled leisure and adventure. The Clear Range, known for excellent off-roading and mountain biking, as well as the beautiful and peaceful Marble Canyon Provincial Park are close enough to enjoy a picnic lunch or a day of adventuring. The history of the valley, paired with the genetics of the black angus produced here, makes the ‘Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ an investment unlike any other.

‘Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ is made up of a combination of over 2,387 deeded acres, 61,531 acres in Grazing Licences, 9,518 acres in Grazing Leases, and 1,280 acres in a BC Hydro Agricultural Lease, tabulating an impressive 74,716 acres, including 400 irrigated acres to support hay production, to fulfill your wild west dream. ‘The Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ offers an opportunity to live a rancher’s life; one steeped in authenticity with all the rewards and the hardships of the celebrated lifestyle. Seize the chance to live on a functioning cattle ranch and raise your family in the old west way, all with quick access to paved roads and grocery stores. In a market where the demand for the acquisition of large swaths of land outweighs available inventory, this ranch offers the opportunity to own a piece of the historic gold rush of the 1860s, while wisely diversifying your wealth portfolio.

Head south on Upper Hat Creek Road off major Hwy 99 to access this incredible spread, or if you are looking for truly effortless entry, there is plenty of room to land the helicopter. This property even features an airstrip where Cessnas have been known to land since the 1980s. The Village of Cache Creek has an established airport at Campbell Hill, featuring a runway long enough to support a King Air.

Hat Creek Ranch Collection

Hat Creek Ranch Collection

Comprised of five separate yard sites, ‘Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ has extensive infrastructure in place. The ranch headquarters can be found on yard site 4, which was known as 88 Ranch, and includes houses, a shop, barns, and a large, working cattle area, as well as plenty of room to land the helicopter for truly effortless travel. The private and exclusive owner’s retreat is the quintessential ranch home resembling that of a Hollywood western and can be found on yard site 1. The ranch manager’s private residence can be found on yard site 2. There are houses on yard sites 3 and 5 as well. Meticulously planned and expertly executed, every yard includes not only a home, but also a turn-key opportunity to continue the age-old tradition of ranching in the Hat Creek basin.

Imagine taking the reins of one of British Columbia's premier, historic ranches, with a herd known for their exceptional genetics and closed herd integrity. This is not just an investment in land; it's an investment in a legacy of quality and excellence – a premiere cattle operation in the heart of British Columbia. ‘Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ is a farmstead where the pastures and mountain peaks stretch as far as the eye can see; it supports significant AUMs and boasts irrigated feed to ensure a sustainable and prosperous operation. The Upper Plateau offers robust pastureland where it’s not uncommon to find grass that grows to a horse’s belly in the late summer - just when a rancher needs it most.

Beyond its operational capabilities, ‘Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ offers an escape to a world where nature dictates the rhythm of life. A place for families to reconnect and forge lasting memories while immersing themselves in an authentic ranching lifestyle. Brian Parke, a generational ranching steward of the valley, aptly described the soul of Hat Creek when he stated: ‘this is my home, not the house I live in, but the valley… I feel I have a responsibility to the valley, looking after it and making it better than our predecessors…’

‘Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ stands as a beacon for those who dream of a different kind of wealth; the kind that comes from the land, the community, and nature's heartbeat. It's more than a ranch. It is a gateway to a life less ordinary, a place where history, heritage, and opportunities converge.

‘Hat Creek Ranch Collection’ is not just an opportunity to own a piece of British Columbia's heartland; it's an invitation to become part of a story that spans generations. The legacy awaits—are you ready to make it your own?

PLEASE NOTE: This sale does not have En Bloc.

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