Hartell Land

Sold on July 16, 2021
from 3:00 PM to 3:00 PM UTC

Strathmore, AB
Sale Size
2 Parcels
$930K - $1.46M

Stunning views of the Rocky Mountains just 4 miles west of Strathmore, Alberta. This half section, being sold as two parcels, borders on the Trans-Canada Highway. Future development potential and Surface Lease Revenue on both parcels make this an opportunity not to miss.

Available Parcels

Map of Hartell Land
Parcel Name Parcel 1Parcel Size Final $1,460,000View Parcel
Parcel Name Parcel 2Parcel Size Final $930,000View Parcel

Sale Description

‘Hartell Land, Rodeo Drive’ is, bar none, one of the most spectacular half sections of farmland along the entire Trans-Canada highway throughout Western Canada.  As you leave Calgary heading east from Stoney Trail on the Trans-Canada, you will arrive in Wheatland County fourteen minutes later.  ‘Hartell Land, Rodeo Drive’ is a stunning half section of farmland located on the north side of the highway.  Spot the massive Origin Business Park that takes up two full miles of frontage along the south perimeter of the world-famous highway and you become aware of the County’s progressive nature.  Ten short minutes west from the county line is a drive almost every rodeo cowboy in North America has made, towards the Strathmore Stampede grounds.  Perhaps it is not as famous as the two-mile stretch of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, but if you’re shopping for farmland, this version of Rodeo Drive is every bit as world-class. 

This half section being sold as two parcels consists of highly fertile soil and is situated only four miles east of the Origin Business Park, where lots start at $230,000 per acre – which is over thirty times the per-acre Starting Bids for ‘Hartell Land, Rodeo Drive’.  If you think there is a disconnect in the stock market between price and earnings, you may want to consider connecting with this land.  ‘Hartell Land, Rodeo Drive’, offers significant recurring Surface Lease Revenue along with substantial cash rent for that investor not wanting to actively farm the land themselves.  This is all in addition to the potential for annual farmland appreciation rates that historically have been well over the inflation rate.  


Both parcels in this half section have curbside appeal that is quite simply breathtaking; the land seems to ascend straight up from the pavement towards the sky.  This is not land for the faint of heart, with the midpoint elevation of the half at over 3,300 feet.  The views of the Rocky Mountains to the southwest become more and more spectacular as you move north up the half-section.  On a clear fall day, the beautiful mountains seem just miles away.  One only has to walk the 117 acres on Parcel 2 to appreciate any future residential development views on the quarter.  Located just four miles west of Strathmore and only 18 miles east of Stoney Trail, ‘Hartell-Land, Rodeo Drive’ gets closer to Calgary each year.

For the time being, the owners are retaining the acreage and residence situated between Parcel 1 and Parcel 2.  However, the high bidder on Parcel 1 will be offered a right of first refusal to purchase the home acreage if sold by private sale at a later day.

Land like this does not trade often.  The Grandfather of current[https://clhbidstorage.blob.core.windows.net/documents/Auctions/31526e41-e08e-425b-20bb-08d917d47a90/TinyMCEPictures/bd0c7a2c-35cc-477c-b1de-73f090e096e9.jpg] owner, resident and Canadian Rodeo Hall of Famer, Bob Hartell, moved into the area over a century ago and settled just across the Trans-Canada highway.  ‘Hartell Land, Rodeo Drive’ is land with a strong history.  Parcel 1 is a Texas-sized quarter section with an extra 10 acres added in for a total of 170 acres!  It also entails a natural, spring fed creek on the Southwest corner of the quarter section.  Starting Bids are set at what dry-land farmland is selling for in several regions of Alberta; far away from a major high visibility corridor and lacking the same future development potential.  This beautiful parcel of land is set to sell with the Starting Bid on Parcel 1 below 60% of the recent appraisal. 

Please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.  

‘Hartell Land, Rodeo Drive’ is being offered for sale by online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  The higher bidder will own this land as it is not subject to any right of first refusal when sold through CLHbid.com.  Bidder’s names are kept in confidence at CLHbid.com and never disclosed.  Check the website for updates from time to time.

Please see the details in Schedule B of the Offer of Purchase and Sale in Parcel 1 regarding the Right of First Refusal.

SLR Details:  Parcel 1    Parcel 2

Hartell Land is being offered for sale via online escalating tender by CLHbid.com. Check the website for updates from time to time. The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders. Please contact us by email at info@clhbid.com for an appointment. As a law firm, CLHbid never discloses bidder's names to any party, including the Seller. Only the successful buyer's name is ever disclosed to the Seller as part of the closing process.

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