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Fields of Five - Truax, SK Parcel

Fields of Five - Truax, SK Sold - SK

Sold on April 5, 2022

5 quarters located less than 3 miles southwest of Truax, Saskatchewan.  With cultivated acres, an older farmyard and access via solid country roads, these 3 Parcels offer a great opportunity to grow your existing land base or start a new farm. 

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As the agricultural community starts planning for the 2022 farming season, the overall demand for food continues to increase, creating an extremely positive outlook for Canadian farmers. 'Fields of Five' boasts a tremendous assemblage.  Made up of 800 acres, ‘Fields of Five’ offers a terrific opportunity whether the new owner is looking to start a new farm or add acres to an existing operation.  Located just 40 miles southwest of Regina, and just two miles south of Truax, Saskatchewan, ‘Fields of Five’ is situated half a mile to the west of the hardtop on Highway 623. 

PARCEL 1 is comprised of 320 acres on the north/south axis.  The proximity of Highway 623 combined with the improved road on the northern boundary provides ideal access for equipment.  The majority of the acres in this half section of land are already arable and ready for the air drill this Spring.  This parcel will be sold with two hopper and two flat bottom grain bins. 

PARCEL 2 is being sold as a half section and offers access from the county road on the southern perimeter.  The unimproved road running north/south allows for ease of movement between Parcels 1 and 2.  The yard site is located on the southwest corner with a gentle hill to the west that provides a scenic backdrop as well as shelter from the westerly winds.  The yard includes many assorted cold storage buildings, a shop, a house, a garage, and assorted hopper and flat bottom grain bins.  The yard site is solid but has not been utilized for some time which gives the new owner the opportunity to take this yard in many directions.  It could be considered a great satellite farm or just a quiet spot to get out of the city on the weekends.  Turn the power back on and take this quaint location in a new direction with very little cash outlay.  Farming this half in combination with Parcel 1 would make a nice block that would provide enough acres to change the bottom line at the end of the year for prospective buyers. 

PARCEL 3 is the quarter section on the sound end of the assemblage that lays flat right before the hills rise to the south.  This Parcel has the highest assessment and can be accessed west of the speed corner on Highway 623.  The option to purchase this quarter in combination with the other 640 acres works well.  Alternatively, the new owner may purchase this nice, solo parcel that would be perfect for the local cattleman looking to grow some extra silage for the cow herd. 

With a low starting bid of just over $850 per acre, ‘Fields of Five’ may provide a lift to any farming operation, especially when one takes into consideration that many agricultural areas are experiencing soaring land prices and high rental rates.  Finding a block of this stature in proximity to pavement, elevators, and the bustling metropolis of Regina, is worth taking note.  The successful buyer of 'Fields of Five' will have access in the 2022 farming season, providing revenue to a current operation and the ability to get in on high commodities: an excellent short-term and long-term investment. 

'Fields of Five' is being offered for sale via online electronic tender by  Please check back for updates from time to time. 


Bidding ended on April 5, 2022

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