Emerald At Gibbons - Gibbons, AB

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Emerald At Gibbons - Gibbons, AB Parcel

Emerald At Gibbons - Gibbons, AB Sold - AB

Sold on March 22, 2021

Excellent investment opportunity!  156.5 acres of prime land just 4 miles east of Gibbons, Alberta.  As an added bonus, the buyer has the option of also acquiring the 2.47 acre farmstead. Prime real estate on the doorstep of a major industrial hub.  Starting Bid:  $770,000.

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Map of Emerald At Gibbons - Gibbons, AB


With commodity prices on the upswing, this quarter section is sure to check all the boxes for anyone interested in investing in Western Canadian farmland.

Location, location, location!  ‘Emerald At Gibbons’ is situated on the pavement just half a mile north of the major intersection of highway 825 and 643.  Gibbons is 4 miles to the west and Fort Saskatchewan is only 10 miles south of the quarter.  You may know some of your neighbours already with Suncor Energy across the road and ATCO Electric just kitty-corner.   Pembina Pipeline and Canadian Pacific Railway are just off to the east.  A new owner will be playing with the big dogs owning this prime piece of real estate positioned on the doorstep of a major industrial hub.

‘Emerald At Gibbons’ is that ultimate wide-open, corner to corner, highly fertile quarter with an abundance of deep topsoil that is high in organic matter and nutrients.  This area is well recognized as one of the top canola growing regions in all of Canada and known for producing lush green crops in June and bumper harvests in September. 

This quarter's investment potential is like no other, with the high bidder given the option to acquire the farmstead for a fraction of what it can be sold for when subdivided.  The owners are not Mr. and Mrs. Claus, but they wish to move this summer and would prefer not to go through the subdivision process to retain and sell the 2.47 acre farmstead themselves.  The high bidder on the 156.5 acres merely has to do the math on the cost of upgrading the septic system, subdividing and then selling the subdivision.  You quickly realize the colossal payback potential against the initial purchase price in just the first year.  (See below for details).  A well-maintained home, situated in a picture-perfect mature yard, is a sought-after commodity for all those looking to escape the city yet not wanting to be in a high-density subdivision. 

The quarter is being offered for sale the same day as several neighbouring quarters.  Don't miss an opportunity to add this gem to your jewellery box – the Hall family has held the land for close to a century, and it likely won't trade again any time soon.  

The quarter is rented for the 2021 crop year with the new owner taking possession in the fall once the crop is off.  Please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the full specifics of the offer (including separate details regarding:  'If Exercising the Option to Buy the Entire Quarter' and the details 'If Not Exercising the Option to Buy Farmstead').

‘Emerald At Gibbons’ will be offered for sale by online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check the website for updates from time to time. 


Option to purchase entire 159 acres:  High bidder shall have the option to purchase the entire 159 acres with farmstead by paying an additional $180,000.00 over the high bid for the 156.5 acres on sale day.  Notice of intent to exercise the option shall be by email to info@clhbid.com within 1 hour of the sale closing.  If high bidder elects not to purchase the farmstead, closing shall occur on May 3, 2021 with existing title of 159 acres being transferred to the high bidder subject only to a caveat protecting the owners right to subdivide and obtain title to farmstead upon registration of the plan of subdivision of 2.47 acres.

Bidding ended on March 22, 2021

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