Duo on 780 - Spirit River, AB

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Duo on 780 - Spirit River, AB Parcel

Duo on 780 - Spirit River, AB Sold - AB

Sold on December 1, 2021

Two parcels located just south of Spirit River, Alberta.  With great drainage, Surface Lease Revenue and high-quality soil, these two quarter sections need to be seen to be believed!  

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Map of Duo on 780 - Spirit River, AB


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Head less than 4 miles south of the Town of Spirit River on paved Highway 731, and you will find yourself at the main intersection of 731 and Range Road 780.  Range Road 780 is the high-grade oil base road, also known as Elevator Access Road, at Highway 2.  

PARCEL 1 of ‘Duo on 780’ is located on the southeast quadrant at the intersection of Highway 731 and Range Road 780.  With all-weather roads adjoining the north and west boundary of the quarter, access doesn't get any better.  Parcel 1 comes with Surface Lease Revenue, which is not insignificant in helping to make those annual payments at today's interest rates.   

PARCEL 2 is located directly west of Parcel 1 and is approximately 5 miles southwest of the Town of Spirit River.  This quarter is a humble quarter out of the spotlight.  It offers great drainage with a drainage canal, which makes it ideal for peas and canola.  Do the math on a sixty-bushel canola crop, and less than two crops will get you to the Starting Bid.  Both quarters are made up with highly fertile soil that is high in organic matter.

Whether you're the grain farmer looking to add fertile acres to your land base just minutes from grain terminals, or that family looking to build on a quarter on paved roads, and easy access to Highway 2, you will want to set your timer for the 1st day in December. Buy with no money down using existing equity in your other land and see what that does to your bottom line.  If you are wondering if the time is right to buy land in the MD of Spirit River, just text that farmer friend 25 miles to the east in Peoria and ask them what land is trading for over their way; you will likely want to check your pulse and call your banker after reading the response.  If you still need convincing to buy farmland in an area that has yet to see land prices escalate like many other areas in Western Canada, might we suggest putting the noise-cancelling headset on and listening to the duet by Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan called Buy Dirt.    

‘Duo on 780’ is being sold by way of online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  The Parcels will be sold using a Universal Close such that any bid in the last 2 minutes on any one Parcel will reset the clock for both Parcels.  Check back for updates from time to time. 

Bidding ended on December 1, 2021

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