Dreamer's Half-Mile - Wanham, AB

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Dreamer's Half-Mile - Wanham, AB Parcel

Dreamer's Half-Mile - Wanham, AB Sold - AB

Sold on March 24, 2021

Check out this quarter, southwest of Wanham, Alberta just one-half mile west of Dreamer’s Lake.  A place to make your dreams come true.  Ideal for pasture, hay, or silage.  All with access to crown land right on your doorstep for hunting or recreation.   Starting Bid: $130,000.

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Map of Dreamer's Half-Mile - Wanham, AB


Adjacent to crown land and just one-half mile west of Dreamer’s Lake park, you will find the ‘Dreamer’s Half-Mile’.  A half-mile by a half-mile exquisite parcel of land seemingly perched atop the Birch Hills, 4 miles south-west of Wanham, Alberta.  Enjoy breathtaking views of White Mountain to the west or the lights of Fairview to the north after dark. 

The quarter is perimeter fenced with a large sheltered dugout, perfect for turning out livestock each June for that rancher looking for additional pasture.  With 80 acres in grass, another option is using the quarter for hay or silage.  Grain farmers on the north side of Birch Hills will want to start their engines after viewing aerials of the quarters to the east and west both showing prime cultivated land abutting the sides of ‘Dreamer’s Half-Mile’.  Do the math, and breaking the remaining 80 acres could give you a full cultivated quarter for a fraction of what open quarters are selling for just miles away. 

If you are interested in buying this quarter for ranching or farming, be sure not mention it to your city friends looking for that perfect hunting or recreational quarter.  They may quickly realize this is a case of paying for the key and getting the cabin for free.  Buy 160 acres of deeded land and get free access to 25,000 acres of crown land right at your doorstep.  No need to start a vehicle to access crown land with the southerly boundary being a 2,640' wide doorway to the expansive Birch Hills.  The Birch Hills are home to an abundance of big game.  Owning a quarter at the end of a dead-end road adjoining a huge green area is really any outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  ‘Dreamer’s Half-Mile’ was to be that very dream for the existing owner; however, circumstances changed. 

You will find the ideal high vantage point already picked out for that perfect building spot in the SE corner of the quarter.  12 screw pilings are already in place awaiting whatever you may dream.  The owner is leaving the province and this quarter has a Starting Bid to reflect that. 

Please review the Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

‘Dreamers Half-Mile’ will be offered for sale by online electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Check the website for updates from time to time.


Bidding ended on March 24, 2021

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