Double Shooter - Fairview, AB

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Double Shooter - Fairview, AB Parcel

Double Shooter - Fairview, AB Sold - AB

Sold on February 23, 2022

Just 11 miles north-east of Fairview, Alberta, this half section doubles as either farmland or recreational property.  The ultimate deeded hunting land.  Opportunity for organic crops on virgin land, don’t miss out!  

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Map of Double Shooter - Fairview, AB


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Located a mere eleven miles northeast of Fairview, Alberta, sits ‘Double Shooter,’ a half section of farmland set on the east-west axis.  At one time, the owner of the half section cropped one hundred acres on the most northern part of the half-section. Over time, however, distance from the home-farm base made cropping logistically unworkable.  Regrowth aspen now makes up the most southerly two-thirds of the quarter, as it has been over a decade since logging last occurred.

‘Double Shooter’ is that swing half section that can double as either farmland or a recreation property.  If you’re seeking deeded recreational land to build a cabin and permanent tree stands, all with an abundance of deer and moose on your doorstep, look no further.  ‘Double Shooter’ has crown land to the west and the east, which guarantees an almost unlimited supply of game; Deer Hill, just to the north, doesn’t get its name from the prolific production of rabbits.  Considering that a well-known professional athlete, who currently lives in the Bahamas, bought several quarters within close proximity - just for the hunting opportunities - speaks for itself.  Build your cabin on PARCEL 1, the east quarter, and have access to power or live off the grid on PARCEL 2, the choice is yours.  There is excellent access to both Parcels with Range Road 21 on the west side and Range Road 20 on the east side.  The open expanse of ‘Double Shooter’ means taking that whitetail trophy at 600 meters might just become your new personal best record.  Partner with a hunting buddy and buy a quarter each and compare notes at night in front of the wood stove.

With that said, if double shooting grain and fertilizer is your game, a mulcher and tiller is all that holds you back from cropping ‘Double Shooter’ in short order.  One only must look at the quarter immediately to the east to see the agronomic potential of ‘Double Shooter.’  After checking out land prices just ten miles to the southwest, you will quickly realize the economics of buying this half section for a fraction of Friedenstal prices, and then invest into the land to bring it into seedbed preparation.  The rotten stumpage on the southern two-thirds of the quarter makes the task all that much more manageable.  Do the math on growing organic crops on virgin land, and you may find that ‘Double Shooter’ will be paid for within a year or two of pulling the trigger.

‘Double Shooter’ is being sold by way of online electronic tender by  Check back for updates from time to time.  

Bidding ended on February 23, 2022

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