Direct Line Lassiter Road - Rycroft, AB

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Direct Line Lassiter Road - Rycroft, AB Parcel

Direct Line Lassiter Road - Rycroft, AB Sold - AB

Sold on November 3, 2021

Two parcels located between Rycroft, Alberta and the historic Dunvegan Bridge.  With top quality soil ratings on both parcels and Surface Lease Revenue on Parcel 2, you will not want to miss your opportunity to purchase farmland in the heart of the Peace Country. 

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Map of Direct Line Lassiter Road - Rycroft, AB


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Located along Highway 2 in the Peace Country, roughly halfway between Rycroft, Alberta and the historic Dunvegan Bridge, you will find ‘Direct Line Lassiter Road.’  As you travel East down the road, you will appreciate the beautiful, wide open landscape that attracted settlers nearly a century ago. 

PARCEL 1 is a 217-acre parcel located a mere 6 miles north-east of Rycroft and boasts an old homestead site amongst the bush on the north edge of the quarter. There are approximately 160 cultivated acres on this Parcel that run south to the edge of the river; a perfect place to ride your quad and enjoy the beauty of the river’s edge.  This is the Peace Country at its prime – where productive land meets the magnificence of the river valleys and abundant wildlife.

A hop skip and a jump to the east will bring you to some beehives along the border of PARCEL 2.  With a total of 159 acres, approximately 100 of which are cultivated acres, this parcel also has annual Surface Lease Revenue of $5,040 from a telecommunication tower located on the land.  At today’s interest rates, this passive income is anything but passive when it comes to covering the interest on a mortgage. 

According to the Land Suitability Rating, both parcels boast primarily Number 2 Soil and will be sure to generate profits to your bottom line. 

Take a drive down to Lassiter Road to ‘Direct Line Lassiter Road’, or enjoy our video on the site, to appreciate the potential of these 2 impressive quarters for yourself.

'Direct Line Lassiter Road' will be offered for sale by online electronic tender by  Check back for updates from time to time.

Bidding ended on November 3, 2021

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