Curbside on the Economic Corridor - Claresholm, AB

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Curbside on the Economic Corridor - Claresholm, AB Parcel

Curbside on the Economic Corridor - Claresholm, AB Sold - AB

Sold on March 3, 2020

Location, location, location!  10 quarters forming 2 contiguous packages on the outskirts of Claresholm, Alberta; 2 kilometers bordering Highway 2 on the west. This is some of the most fertile land in Western Canada.  An opportunity not to be missed.   

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Map of Curbside on the Economic Corridor - Claresholm, AB


The west side of Curbside on the Economic Corridor consists of five hundred and three acres of prime farmland perfectly laid out along the primary transportation corridor.  Highway 2 is referred to as the CANAMEX Highway, referencing its international logistics significance, for the movement of goods between Canada, America and Mexico. In total, two kilometres of curbside highway frontage situated on the geographic midpoint between Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta.

The land is prime farmland that can be farmed corner to corner with big iron given the contiguous layout of the land.  Area farmers can add significant acres to their land base and capitalize on economies of scale.  Better margins mean a happy banker.  These 503 acres are truly a multi-purpose parcel of land offering up substantial long-term financial power.  All sure to make you, your kids and their kids very happy. If you are someone that likes to check all the boxes before buying land, this makes the grade, being on the windward side of the corridor means any frontage development would face the corridor and be on the leeward side. These four quarters, on the west side of Highway 2, will be sold in two Parcels.

Curbside does get better.  Add a six-pack of quarters on the east of Claresholm and together with the parcels on the west, you have showpiece bookends to that Western Canadian storybook town. This easterly six-pack is made up of the south half of Section 1 and all of Section 36.  Numbers that perhaps reflect chance at the roulette table, but nothing but productive certainty in the case of these 875 prime cultivated acres of agriculture land.  The adage "You can never pay too little for poor land and too much for good land" rings real here. In total, six highly fertile quarter sections of land bordering an urban centre, all within one mile of one of most major transportation corridors in all of Canada. 

This six-pack produces on and off the field with SLR on all six quarters. There quite simply is no substitution for an assemblage of land like this. Land that is close to grain and oilseed markets. Miss it, and it may not trade again for generations. The quarters will be sold in three parcels as per the CLHbid website.   Parcel 3, being the south half of Section 1, is that often sought after half-section made just for the GPS.  In total 313 acres of arguably some of the most fertile land in Southern Alberta.  Parcel 4 is again that showcase half-section running north and south bordering the town itself and made up of over 315 acres of cultivated land.  One only has to imagine what this half section might look like in a few decades situated right on the doorstep of Claresholm.  Lastly, Parcel 5 is made up of some 250 acres of cultivated land forming the east half of section 36.  A smaller parcel of less productive wetland on Parcel 5 has been left to nature for years while continuing to focus on prime acres for productivity.  These 3 parcels (parcels 3-5) will also be offered in the 'en bloc' platform such that, at the end of the sale, if you meet specific requirments to bid 'en bloc', you may potentially purchase all 3 parcels.

All 10 of these quarters have been owned and managed by the same farmer/operator for over four decades through the lens of 'continuous improvement', utilizing advanced sustainability procedures and modern technologies including zero-tillage, fertility management, targeted crop protection, strict rotations and disease prevention. Sound stewardship has always been paramount on this land.  If you believe that luck is a well thought-out plan meeting opportunity, you no doubt will want to review the proposed map of the future Highway 2 bypass around the east side of Claresholm.  The bypass coming to fruition would provide highway frontage to the eastern six-pack (see attachment below of 'possible' future alignment of Highway 2 bypass.  Not to be viewed as a certainty).

The development opportunity offered is driven by local organic growth from the expansion of Claresholm, coupled with more broad-based regional and nationally driven industrial growth as a result of being located along this world-renowned economic corridor.  Base your new business in the M.D. of Willow Creek, and you can be confident the foundation will be rock solid given 2/3 of the M.D.'s tax income is already derived from wind farms, transmission lines and other energy-based assessments.   A Municipal District with a solid financial base ensures you can focus on the business at hand.   During World War II pilots were trained about the leading-edge characteristics of a wing at the local airport.  Today that is replaced with several cutting-edge industries located on the airport, including green building system manufacturing.

We have all seen a quarter of farmland for sale adjacent to a transportation corridor, only to come back years later and witness three-acre commercial lots selling for more than the quarter initially sold.  Don't kick yourself for missing this one.  Some of the most fertile land in Western Canada with arguably some of the highest potential for appreciation.  If you’re looking to diversify and invest in agriculture land in Western Canada, Curbside on the Economic Corridor gives you that opportunity to realize significant appreciation far and beyond just farmland potential.

Curbside on the Economic Corridor will be offered for sale by electronic tender by   Check the website for updates from time to time.

'Possible' Future Alignment of Highway 2 Bypass (note: Not to be viewed as a certainty):  Click to view 

En Bloc Details:  Click to view

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Bidding ended on March 3, 2020

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