Chauvin Stand Up Triple - Chauvin, AB

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Chauvin Stand Up Triple - Chauvin, AB Parcel

Chauvin Stand Up Triple - Chauvin, AB Sold - AB

Sold on October 13, 2021

3 contiguous Quarters selling as one Parcel near the Village of Chauvin, Alberta.  With massive income generating SLR and the potential for significant crop rental income, this opportunity is one you will not want to miss!  

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Located just 5 miles southwest of the Village of Chauvin, Alberta, you will find ‘Chauvin Stand Up Triple.’  These three quarters of farmland are laid out in an “L” shape a mere 9 miles west of the Saskatchewan border.   This area features the best of both worlds: a vibrant oilfield beneath the surface and prime agricultural land on the surface; Western Canada at its best.  Just 45 miles south of Lloydminster, and 25 miles north of Provost, the area is situated well north of the more arid regions of southeastern Alberta.  With an average annual rainfall of over 19 inches, the area produces big crops while offering up enormous passive income from the oilfield leases scattered across the landscape.  The Village of Chauvin is home to Suzie, the Worlds Largest Softball, and ‘Chauvin Stand Up Triple’ knocks it out of the park three ways regarding passive rental income, land appreciation and overall fertility.   

There is no warning track involved in this ‘Stand-Up Triple.’  At a Starting Bid of $900,000 for all 3 quarters, couple the annual SLR of approximately $50,000 with significant crop rental income, and the return on investment from ‘Chauvin Stand Up Triple’ exceeds 7% per annum.  Add to that the average increase in farmland values over the past 10 years and you safely slide into double digit returns on investment with ease.  Little wonder they say a ‘Stand-Up Triple’ is much rarer than a home run.  With oil prices on the rise, these are producing wells with excellent longevity. 

In total, there are approximately 330 acres of prime cultivated land.  Do the math: at the Starting Bid, the cropland without any appreciation for SLR, is still valued at well under $3000 per acre.  The existing grain bins located on the land are also included in the sale.  Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime; land in the near vicinity has recently sold for double this amount.  If you're looking to diversify, why not invest in both the future of agriculture and oil all at once? 

Please Review the updated Purchase Agreement in the Parcel Details section to see the specifics of the offer.

Chauvin Stand Up Triple is being offered for sale by electronic tender by  Check back for updates from time to time. 

Bidding ended on October 13, 2021

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