Burnt River Escape - Grande Prairie, AB

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Burnt River Escape - Grande Prairie, AB Parcel

Burnt River Escape - Grande Prairie, AB Sold - AB

Sold on November 4, 2021

Bordering tens of thousands of acres of Crown Land, this is a story of paying for the key and getting the entire castle for free.  If you are looking for solitude, this off-the-grid quarter just 30 miles northwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta, is a must see.  With SLR of over $5,000.00 annually, it means you will get paid to own your hobby farm.  


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Located a mere thirty miles northwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta, you will find this one-off quarter section of land.  Situated in the Burnt River valley, this quarter section has crown land bordering its west boundary; pay for one deeded quarter and gain access to over three thousand quarter sections of crown land right on your doorstep.  The Burnt River meanders through the quarter running from the northwest to the southeast.  Interested parties will undoubtedly want to get boots on the ground to appreciate the riverbed itself and the canyon-like walls with distinctive rock formations formed out of sandstone.  The quarter has been in the family for over eighty years, and the owners have come across numerous fossils over the years.  This is a rockhounds’ paradise with well over half a mile of riverbed to discover.  

‘Burnt River Escape’ comes with a highly fertile twenty-eight-acre field situated along the northern township road.  The twenty-eight acres of crop land has been rented out by the owner for the 2022, 2023 and 2024 crop years with rent going to the new purchaser.  Given the abundance of elk, moose, deer, and bear in the area, in the future you would be well-advised to not seed oats or peas in the field if you wish to harvest anything in the following fall.  Situated along the north edge of the quarter is a quaint two-room cabin that has been the summer residence for the owners in recent years.  A large garden adjoins the cabin on the north side.  Off the grid, with just propane and solar power, this is indeed the place to become reacquainted with nature.  ‘Burnt River Escape’ has several meadows cut out of the wooded areas, including an idyllic ten-acre meadow located on the south side of the Burnt River itself.  It gets even better – there are two well sites with significant Surface Lease Revenue that will contribute towards a good portion of your mortgage payment and a low starting bid.   The owners have relocated to BC, and this quarter is priced to move.  The SLR is current, with extensive work just completed on the most northern well this fall.  Existing chattels going with the cabin include appliances, solar panels and a battery bank.

‘Burnt River Escape’ is being offered for sale by way of electronic tender by CLHbid.com.  Please check back for updates from time to time. 


Bidding ended on November 4, 2021

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