Bonanza Long Run - Bonanza, AB

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Bonanza Long Run - Bonanza, AB Parcel

Bonanza Long Run - Bonanza, AB Sold - AB

Sold on September 7, 2018

Three adjacent quarters in Northwestern Alberta, tucked up against the very west side of the County of Saddle Hills.  This parcel is designed for that large operation with wide equipment, as there is only a small bluff of trees in the most southeasterly corner. 

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Situated in Northwestern Alberta, tucked up against the very west side of the County of Saddle Hills, is a 1.5 mile run of open fertile land. The parcel is connected via Landry Rd, on the west, to the Province of British Columbia, just 1 kilometre away. This four-hundred-and-seventy plus acre field is all in on block. Set the GPS and sit back and make that 15-minute phone call, before lifting the drill out of the ground for the next 180-degree turn.

The Bonanza Long Run is a mere 20 minutes north east of Dawson Creek. The parcel is designed for that large operation with wide equipment. The only trees on the entire parcel are a small bluff in the most southeasterly corner, where the owners father homesteaded. Hydro runs alongside the western perimeter of the property. The most northerly quarter being the North West of Twenty 21 has a county road along the west and north perimeter, providing excellent access. The property is only 2 and a half miles from pavement. These 3 quarters are adjacent to another 2 quarters owned by Guy Landry, not for sale at this time.

The land, high in organic matter is excellent for grain, oilseeds or grass. All acres are currently in fallow, all having been in canola in 2017. The 3 quarters will be sold individually starting with the SW 21 first up. Fallow in the current year offers a variety of cropping options and an increased chance of that bumper crop in 2019.

Let’s save the best for last. Don’t go to the bank. The owner will carry financing for over 2.5 years at 6% interest with Vendor Take Back mortgage financing. Let the land pay for itself!   No need to concern yourself with appraisals or formal bank financing. If you have 25% down you can own this land. All 3 parcels are slated for 3D seismic following close with all payments to the buyer. Owner has advised Niven & Associates that the buyer will be negotiating terms of the 3D seismic activity to be carried out after Closing.  To the south of the most southerly quarter is a newly built bungalow on 118 acres that is also listed for sale.

The auction date is September 7, 2018, with down payment of 20% due September 10th. Closing and Possession is October 15th, 2018, with a further 5% down. Balance of blended payments of 25% principal and interest are due Mar 1st, 2019, Mar 1st, 2020 and Mar 1st, 2021. Check out CLHbid for further details and updates from time to time.

Bidding ended on September 7, 2018

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