Bentley Continental

Sold on March 7, 2022
from 4:00 PM to 4:00 PM UTC

Gull Lake, AB
Sale Size
7 Parcels, 1 En Bloc
$220K - $2.59M

As the name connotes, Bentley Continental V8 is made up of eight truly superlative quarter sections of farmland land located just west of Gull Lake, Alberta. The combination of top quality soil and being situated in an area known for consistent rainfall, means it does not get any better. Don';t buy now: wait for March 7th and buy your Bentley.

Available Parcels

Map of Bentley Continental
Parcel Name Parcel 1Parcel Size 153 ± AcresFinal $1,290,000View Details & Offer
Parcel Name Parcel 2Parcel Size 313 ± AcresFinal $1,780,000View Details & Offer
Parcel Name Parcel 3Parcel Size 155 ± AcresFinal $1,230,000View Details & Offer
Parcel Name Parcel 4Parcel Size 271 ± AcresFinal $2,590,000View Details & Offer
Parcel Name Parcel 5Parcel Size 154 ± AcresFinal $1,800,000View Details & Offer
Parcel Name Parcel 6Parcel Size 141 ± AcersFinal $1,880,000View Details & Offer
Parcel Name Parcel 7Parcel Size 7 ± AcresFinal $220,000View Details & Offer
En Bloc Name Parcel 8En Bloc Size Final $400,000View En Bloc

Sale Description

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‘Bentley Continental V8’ has its origins in Continental Europe after World War II, when the Hansen’s left Denmark intent to start a new life for the family in Western Canada.  Part of that dream was to offer the two young boys the opportunity to assemble a significant agricultural land base of their own down the road.  That road eventually led to the Bentley area of Alberta, where a Danish dream became a Canadian reality.  To many, the word Bentley is associated with the utmost of quality as Rolls Royce was the original manufacturer of the Bentley Continental automobile.  This is not unlike the association that Western Canadian farmers make when they hear of farms in the Bentley area of Central Alberta.  Farmers fortunate enough to call the Bentley area home know the benefit of having access to some of the best farmland in Alberta better than anyone.  Not only are there major markets in the area, but it is also known for its favourable weather. The term “Bentley Privilege” is a humble acknowledgement that local farmers continue to have the privilege of reaping the rewards of the area chosen by their European forefathers. 


‘Bentley Continental V8’ takes you on a drive through two of Alberta’s premier agricultural counties.  PARCEL 1 is located on the northern edge of the Hansen farm in Ponoka County.  This Parcel has an acreage out and has 133 acres under cultivation.  The quarter is well-drained, with the southern exposure offering up unlimited cropping options.  Parcel 1 speaks of quality 24/7.  If you are into growing peas, the lack of rocks on this Parcel, as well as all other ‘Bentley Continental V8’ Parcels, is sure to spark your interest.


PARCEL 2 takes you across the road into Lacombe County and is where Martin Hansen called home.  This Parcel contains three titles, including a separate title to the home residence and yard.  Secondary power service is provided to the bin yard just north of the farmstead.  All flat bottom bins will be sold as part of the Parcel.  Several bins are equipped with aeration ducting and some have power cleanouts as well. Outbuildings include a steel Quonset with a dirt floor.  A well on the acreage services the residence as well as the corral area.  A grain farmer may want to buy the Parcel and sell off the acreage.  A mixed farmer may want to seize the opportunity to set up a family member in an updated residence in the mature yard site and run livestock on the half-section.  One only must look at the quarter directly across the fence to the west of this half section to see what a bit of drainage work and clean up could turn this half section into.  With the home half being set up for cattle currently, only 117 acres are under cultivation; however, a new owner could increase arable acres significantly in short order.  In a year or two, this could easily be seen as the buy of the day when ‘Bentley Continental V8’ takes its final drive on March 7th.


PARCEL 3 is across the road from the homeplace and made up of just over 120 arable acres.  Like its twin, Parcel 1 – which is kitty-corner and to the Northwest, this quarter is well-drained and highly fertile. Like all other farmland forming part of ‘Bentley Continental V8,’ this land is sure to consistently produce some of the highest net returns of any dryland agricultural land in Western Canada.  As the saying goes, you can never pay too little for poor land and too much for great land.  


PARCEL 4 is located along the southwest perimeter of the farm adjacent to Highway 20.  This Parcel offers 2 titles and is made up of 240 cultivated acres.  South-sloping and well-drained, this large Parcel checks all the boxes for some of the best farmland in Lacombe County. A buyer may want to investigate the possibility of buying the Parcel and subdividing off that showcase 35-acre estate situated on highway 20 with a location south of the natural divide. 


PARCEL 5 is located just across the road to the east and boasts 138 cultivated acres and a north/south windbreak divide between the 2 fields.  The quarter has a subdivision out which will be selling as Parcel 7.  The two fields making up this Parcel are open from corner to corner.  Set the GPS after the turn at the top, and you will have ample time to do the math on the iPhone as to what a 62-bushel canola crop at today's prices will bring in the fall.


‘Bentley Continental V8’ must be driven to be appreciated; however, when it comes to PARCEL 6, we recommend parking upon arrival and walking at a slow pace. Perhaps take a chair and sit on the upper plateau and take in the 270-degree panoramic views the quarter has to offer: a breathtaking parcel of land with views of Gull Lake to the east and farmland to both the north and south.  Development is located across the road to the north and east.  Even your banker will smile on this walk.  It is as if the quarter itself was sculpted by nature for future development with its gradually descending benches down to the lake below.  The Parcel contains 130.5 cultivated acres of some of the most unique farmland to be found anywhere in Canada.  One only must query what the future holds for this quarter section; retire to the lake and build your dream estate with unreal views or consider investing with a view to recreational development at some point down the road. 


PARCEL 7 is the subdivision out of Parcel 5 and is made up of 5.86 acres with an excellent stand of trees located less than a mile from the pavement of Highway 20.  The acreage was formerly an old farmstead with expansive views to the south.  The tenant will remove possessions prior to the Closing date on the acreage and anything left after closing goes with the land.


PARCEL 8 is the ‘en bloc' being offered for parties wishing to own the entire assemblage of Parcel 1-5.  This is the alternate drive.  A bidder wishing to own Parcel 1-5 inclusive can navigate the old road and simply be high on all Parcels or elect to try the new drive and upon meeting the requirements for ‘en bloc’ eligibility, bid the ‘en bloc' round at the conclusion of the sale.  Using this route, parties missing out on being high on the first few Parcels sold can remain in the game and take all Parcels at the conclusion of the sale. 


'Bentley Continental V8' is being offered for sale by way electronic tender by  Check back for updates from time to time. 


Bentley Continental is being offered for sale via online escalating tender by Check the website for updates from time to time. The property may be viewed by interested registered bidders. Please contact us by email at for an appointment. As a law firm, CLHbid never discloses bidder's names to any party, including the Seller. Only the successful buyer's name is ever disclosed to the Seller as part of the closing process.

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