About CLHbid.com

Alle Carter, Business Development

Alle Carter headshot

Alle Carter has been involved with CLHbid.com since its inception, and is currently in Law School.

Alle grew up with strong connection to the family farm where often she could be seen next to her Mom in the combine. Always a high achiever whether that be on the honour roll in High School, or ensuring every project she takes on is completed to perfection. Taking an interest in software media design programs at an early age, she has a discerning eye to present your property in its most appealing perspective.

Her passion in working with clients is evident from that very first meeting with the client right down to her ensuring all the details are covered for the final sale day. Alle has a particular ability to connect with clients of CLHbid.com recognizing the significance a sale will have on their life.

Alle’s hobbies include hiking, fishing, river boating, team penning, camping as well as spending time with her nieces and nephew.

Alle is an accomplished show jumping equestrian having competed at a high level throughout Western USA, Western Canada and New Zealand.