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Why CLHbid.com?

At CLHbid.com our goal is not to sell as much land as possible using our online tender platform, but rather to maximize value for as many Sellers of farmland as possible. In some cases, that means selling direct at a set price in advance of online tender.

How do we find land for Buyers?

  • Buyers contact us seeking blocks of farm or ranch land in designated regions.
  • We post that information on our CLHbid.com website in anticipation that one or more farmers looking to sell within that particular region will talk and contact us with a package that may fit the 'buy order' we have on file. Sellers know their area and their neighbours better than anyone. Farmers also know that with the assemblage of large tracts of land comes added value to all Sellers.
  • CLHbid.com matches Buyers and Sellers together in a manner that maximizes value to the Seller.

As a law firm, names of Buyers looking for land in specific regions are kept in strict confidence and only disclosed if a sale comes to fruition.

map markerCamrose, AB

map of Camrose, AB

320 acres

Pasture / hay land near Hay Lakes or Camrose, AB.

map markerClaresholm, AB

map of Claresholm, AB

640 acres

Farm land between Pincher Creek and Claresholm, AB.

map markerCzar, AB

map of Czar, AB

640 acres

Contiguous section of well drained, good quality cultivated land with no improvements within 100 km of Czar, AB.

map markerCzar, AB

map of Czar, AB

1600 acres

10 quarters within a 30 kilometer radius of Czar, AB. Could be open, arable quarters or quarters capable of being broke.

map markerEdson, AB

map of Edson, AB

400 acres

Farm land in Edson, Rocky Mountain, AB area.

map markerFort MacLeod, AB

map of Fort MacLeod, AB

800 acres

Farm or ranch land within 100 km of Fort MacLeod, AB with good SLR.

map markerFort MacLeod, AB

map of Fort MacLeod, AB

320 acres

Cultivated land near Fort MacLeod, AB.

map markerLac St. Anne County, AB

map of Lac St. Anne County, AB

320 acres

Cultivated farm land in Lac St. Anne County, AB.

map markerMD Smoky River/MD Greenview, AB

map of MD Smoky River/MD Greenview, AB

6000 acres

Cultvated farm land north of Valleyview, AB to Falher area. Up to 6,000 acres.

map markerMinburn County, AB

map of Minburn County, AB

320 acres

Cultivated land with good drainage NW of Vegreville, AB; north of Royal Park area.

map markerSaddle Hills County, AB

map of Saddle Hills County, AB

2000 acres

Cultivated farm land north of Highway 49 in Baytree/Bonanza, AB area.

map markerSaddle Hills County, AB

map of Saddle Hills County, AB

320 acres

Half section of farm land in Saddle Hills County, AB with farmstead.

map markerSaddle Hills County, AB

map of Saddle Hills County, AB

1600 acres

10-20 quarters in the Blueberry Mountain area of Saddle Hills County, AB.

map markerSouth Central AB

map of South Central AB

8000 acres

Cultivated farm land 7-8,000 acres of land in relatively close proximity. Could be a combination of existing farms. South of Highway 16 and east of Highway 2.

map markerSoutheast Central AB

map of Southeast Central AB

7000 acres

Cultivated farm land 6-7,000 acres north of Drumheller to Viking, AB area.

map markerSouthern Alberta

map of Southern Alberta

Large GRL with AUM of over 500 in Southern AB area.

map markerStettler County /Starland County AB

map of Stettler County /Starland County  AB

1000 acres

Cultivated farm land in Stettler / Starland County, AB to add to existing holdings.

map markerVegreville, AB

map of Vegreville, AB

320 acres

1 or 2 quarters within 50 km of Vegreville, AB.

map markerWestlock, AB

map of Westlock, AB

Pasture land within 3 hours of Westlock, AB that will take 300 pairs for the summer.

map markerBuick Creek, BC

map of Buick Creek, BC

640 acres

Cultivated land in Buick Creek, BC region.

map markerDawson Creek, BC

map of Dawson Creek, BC

320 acres

Half section ranch near Dawson Creek, BC.

map markerDawson Creek,BC

map of Dawson Creek,BC

Cultivated land NW of Dawson Creek, BC west of Pouce Coupe River.

map markerArdill, SK

map of Ardill, SK

1500 acres

Cultivated dryland cropland up to 1500 acres within 40 km of Ardill, SK.

map markerKindersley, SK

map of Kindersley, SK

800 acres

Good cropland 500-800 acres in Kindersley, SK area.

map markerUnity/North Battleford, SK/Provost, AB

map of Unity/North Battleford, SK/Provost, AB

8000 acres

Cultivated land within a triangle of North Battleford and Unity, SK to Provost, AB. Could be several farms in close proximity.

map markerRM of Sherwood, SK

map of RM of Sherwood, SK

160 acres

Single quarter section with undulating hills and coulee in the RM of Sherwood, SK.