About CLHbid.com

Audrey Hanson, Project Management/Logistics

Audrey Hanson headshot

Audrey is the Project Manager and Head of Logistics on our team. Growing up on a farm, Audrey feels the love of the land and understands the energy and commitments poured into a farm. When her family sold their farm, she saw the limited options available to owners. She believes in the CLHbid.com advantage when families decide to exit the farm and she enjoys improving this process.

Audrey has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and has held senior manager roles in a variety of fields: office, retail and human resources.

Audrey is our coordinator for the projects within the CLHbid.com team. She helps to maintain the website – uploading and updating regularly to give our viewers up to date information. Audrey’s role in providing geomatic information including aerial and google mapping, soil classification and comparable sales data analysis is an invaluable service, resulting in superior results for our sellers.